All Powerful 'but' .. All Loving?


Yes … I can be serious at times! :wink:

A question that probably only a JW will attempt to answer!?

With all of this horror about Dr Mengele (Gosnell) being reported, I have a serious question … one that I hope isn’t looked upon as blasphemous!
(I’m asking anyway) :angry26:

If I were all powerful, a little more than I am now, (sorry, couldn’t resist) and I was also all knowing, loving etc. etc. … HOW could I sit on my throne and just watch as innocent babies were being murdered?

Not only murdered but Some of them are TORN APART, limb by limb!

I don’t have to say it (do I?) … you know WHO I am talking about!?

If a ‘slightly’ imperfect person … such as myself had all the power … NO baby would EVER be murdered or worse … torn limb from limb!

How’s He Do It?
(sit and watch)

PLEASE don’t give me the Free Choice line!
Those babies Have or Had No Free Choice!

Maybe this is one of the reasons that people are ‘skeptical’ of an all powerful, all knowing, all loving Deity?

I dunno … Just crankily upset on what our country (and it’s people) have become!

(I will now return to my witty ways of posting really important and insightful topics … for everyone to enjoy!) :wink:


Good questions…

Of course, the concept of ‘free will’ is impossible in conjunction with an all-seeing, all-knowing god…


Bingo! One of the MANY reasons that some of us are EXTREMELY “skeptical” of any deity’s existence. It’s also because supernatural (god did it) explanations of the occurrences in the world are consistently being replaced by natural ones.


Will you hold your country, flag, etc. in the same contempt you hold God for this? Or will you still fly the 50 star banner and sing about being the land of the free and home of the brave?


If I were all powerful, a little more than I am now, (sorry, couldn’t resist) and I was also all knowing, loving etc. etc. … HOW could I sit on my throne and just watch as innocent babies were being murdered?

The mother chose to have her baby destroyed, the doctor chose to torture, dismember and murder the baby. Humans make some seriously evil choices. Bad things happen to innocent people. Evil people will have their reward. Babies have been slaughtered since the beginning of time, usually in times of war.

Someone once told me after my 10th miscarriage that those babies spirits were taken by God to be with Him, and that when I died I would be reunited with them. And I can’t think of a more safe and loving environment for my babies to be. I am scared for my earth-bound children and what they might have to endure in their life times. But the babies who are taken by God while they are still innocent, will never have to live through this evil time. I’d rather be with God in Heaven than anywhere else. It is hard for us to comprehend because we live in a physical world where pain and suffering are abundant during Satan’s rule. In the spiritual world, there is no pain and suffering. We are here to resist temptation and evil, to purify our souls and overcome death by rebuking Satan. Then we will live in a perfect world. In the meantime, we are supposed to learn all that we can about God and His Son and what they have purposed. He invites you to read the Bible for further questions pertaining to His purposes, so that you may find peace in times like these. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. You are blessed because you feel this sadness now for those babies. It is tragic and disturbing, and unforgivable. It is a sign of the beast coming to power for a short while. God can take their [the babies] pain away, and surely their souls are intact. And they will get to live in Nirvana. Don’t let the evils of Satan’s world turn you from God. Patiently endure. Try not to watch the news (much of it isn’t true anyway. And pray to God with your questions, and listen for an answer.


If a ‘slightly’ imperfect person … such as myself had all the power … NO baby would EVER be murdered or worse … torn limb from limb!

It may not be about having all the power, but about having all the knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that people are ‘skeptical’ of an all powerful, all knowing, all loving Deity?

Is God all loving? God hates evil. God hated that people that sacrificed (burned alive) their children to “gods” that required it of their followers (Mammon and Ba’al). Satan and those who are too weak to resist him are the ones you should be blaming. This life is only a short one to test us and teach us. Don’t lose faith! If your name wasn’t in the book of life, you wouldn’t feel this way.


Once again, we need Jack Hectormann’s reference to his post about the insignificance of life when compared to eternity . . .


I’ve made reference to that concept before. The troubles of our three-score-and-ten (if we live that long; or maybe four score and ten, or even five score and ten) are nothing in eternity. Even trillions of eons aren’t even a drop in the ocean compared to eternity, because the ocean is finite.


Could God have create a Universe in which people had free will and babies weren’t slaughtered?

If he could, and he willfully chose not to, then he is ignorant of evil and willfully allows it to happen.

If he could not, then he is not all-powerful or all-knowing.

Free will is not an answer to the problem of evil, because God, having complete control over the Universe, can create Universes in which free will exists AND evil doesn’t happen.


God created man and placed him in the garden. He gave him one rule. The serpent deceived the woman. Because of this men knew of good and evil. Her firstborn killed her secondborn because he was jealous. God created the garden and humans because he wanted a world of good. He didn’t create evil. It just existed. He put them in a place where he could watch them to see what they would do. Try to think of it like an ant farm. You put the ants in this container, and watch. To them you are all knowing and all powerful, but do you intervene when one starts attacking another? Is it worth taking the whole thing apart (destroying their world) to save an ant or two? God says he will purge the world of sin, at the appointed time. He will have to destroy Satan, but I think he will give the honor to his son. He gave Satan the opportunity to rule the world for a time. Haven’t you ever heard that Satan is the current ruler? If you are mad about the way things are going, be mad at Satan and pray that that God comes soon.


My suggestion would be for you to pray for that answer. Maybe if God feels you are deserving, he’ll enlighten you. Then again, I don’t know if He will. It’s beyond me to know. Maybe that’s a better question for Scientologists.


The garden is the earth. A child is born not knowing good and evil. He is in his fathers love until he commits his first act of evil. His father is saddened and turns from him in disappointment. He doesn’t look at him again until the child calls to him and says he is sorry and wants to try to be good. The child must choose to live in a world where evil doesn’t exist, which means he must learn how to be good himself. The father provides the teaching. He continues to teach all of his other children as well. When they all have chosen which world they want to live in (good or evil), he then separates them accordingly.


Is God more powerful than Satan? Presumably so, if he is omnipotent. And if he’s omnipotent, it should have been an easy matter of creating a Universe without Satan, and which has free will, or barring that, creating a Universe in which Satan could not intervene.

Further, why create humans without a knowledge of good and evil to begin with? How are humans to follow rules and be moral if they don’t understand morality? It would seem they were created and doomed to fail. Or if there was a reason why we should not have this knowledge, then make it impossible to get, and remove the tree.

Or if the plan was for us to eat from the tree and introduce evil to the world, then it would seem that God has willingly allowed evil as part of his plan, contradicting his reputation as omnibenevolent.

And if I was truly omnipotent over my ant farm, I would make it so that evil in the ant farm was impossible.


God didn’t make Satan; He made the angel Lucifer who after his creation (he’s a created being; God is not) turned his back on God and became Satan.

I’m not sure about the whole chicken-vs.-egg matter relative to God creating a world that fell into sin; but as near as I understand it, God created free will in such a way that He didn’t know how the individual would use it until he set it into motion. Then, since He’s omnipresent throughout time, he instantly knew who made what choices. Or maybe nothing like that. I don’t really know.


I cannot believe we are so far gone, that this is even a question.
Yahweh, is the God of the Bible. He has dominion over all the Universe. Death, is not absolute to Him. Death is a summons to go see Him. Babies dying is tragic to us, but to He who GIVES life, it is but a walk to another room. Remember, to Him, and Christians, death is not an end, but a beginning.
Be careful trying to build God in Your image. Attributing human qualities to a superior God, would be like a lemur asking why man eats with a fork. We do not understand this life, much less what is to come, so how are we to understand the Wisdom of God? Only those who do not know God, would even wonder about this. I don’t understand the Wisdom of God, I just obey and that is all I need to do.


What exactly do you mean by “we are so far gone”?


And you probably don’t even realise how grossly immoral such a position is…:rolleyes:


Stop the personal stuff, biggles.


How would you prefer I rephrase it…? I happen to find the concept of blind obedience to an ideal an immoral one…


I happen to find your motivations for saying it not to have anything to do with whether or not you believe it, but whether or not you can get a rise out of someone. What Pete said. If all you’re doing is needling (and I see no reason to believe otherwise), then by all means, don’t pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut.