Alleged terrorist attacker once worked at Toronto Pearson airport...


Alleged Forces attacker once worked at Pearson | Warmington | Toronto & GTA | Ne

For those of you not aware, a man attacked two Canadian soldiers at a recruitment centre a few days ago, this has been deemed a terrorist attack. This is the fourth attack on Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil over the last couple years, thankfully this one wasn’t successful as he was tackled and disarmed.

Startling news now is that this terrorist actually worked at Toronto Pearson airport in the past. As usual, the police in Canada not allocating their resources properly. This news isn’t getting much airplay by state run news CBC but is picking up steam at other sources.

My guess is the next president is going to have a strong conversation with Canada regarding our security priorities and our NATO contributions. Having such people employed at a major International airport cannot be overlooked without scrutiny