Allow me to introduce myself

I’m 34 live and in central Massachusetts. I work full time on the grounds of a snooty private high school. I also have my own landscaping business serving 12 customers. I’ve been doing that for almost 20 years. I have a bachelors in communications but never used it. I was an admissions counselor, drove a miller lite truck, substitute highschool teacher, vending machine mover/mechanic. I own my own house in a nice neighborhood with my wife and 2 kids both under 4. My wife has a good job with the U.S. Air Force she is a civilian tho. I own 2 trucks, (paid in full👍) and my wife has a new pathfinder, my stuff is all old! I mention this not to brag, but to show that like all of you we work hard and have earned it. look forward to learning from this site

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Please be sure to read our Guide to Surviving RO. The questions are to help us start to get to know you in a mostly fun way. And we’re just a really nosy bunch.

Hi and welcome! Although not an '84, our vehicle is also on the old side ('98 Subaru Forester).

Welcome, enjoy the site.

Glad you’re here. Welcome. I look forward to someone from Massachusetts explaining to us WHY you’re all so enamoured with the Kennedys.


Welcome to RO!