I’m from Minnesota, and rural MN at that. The metro area (Mpls/St. Paul) is a den of libs but out-state is conservative leaning.
I am not a veteran but our foster son is in the Army, currently in Kentucky (he was out but rejoined for another 3 years recently and likely to be deployed though no news on this yet).
I am a reader. It’s too hard to hone my favorites down to three, but here are three that I loved: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Goldfinch, Cutting for Stone.
I am a news addict…not local news (way too depressing and boring), but world news and especially politics. I am certainly pro-life (and much more far-reaching that simply pro-birth) but that is not what I care to hear about from any candidate as their top issue. Talk about the economy, talk about jobs (particularly rural jobs) and preparing the workforce for real work, talk about America’s world presence/leadership/respect/security/defence, talk about personal integrity, character, and please, please talk straight…no legalese.
I haven’t been on many of these discussion forums and will have to feel it out a bit, but I’ve liked what I’ve read so far.


Howdy do, from a mouth from the south. Sounds like you may have found a good fit.

Welcome aboard.

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Hi and welcome! I’m kind of the opposite on the news; I find the national and world news more depressing…


Howdy from Alabama! :slight_smile:

Local news can be very boring. But sometimes entertaining. One reporter was showing a new loose rock wall or bank that had been made and she described its purpose as “to hold the water down”. Like a paperweight. My family still giggles and nudges each other around rock dams. Any amusing stories from your local reporters?

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Welcome to RO, MsLollie.

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Well, the State Fair is fast approaching…a big deal in MN, so it’s all fair food talk. There is always a summer story on Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox. They are talking about what kind of winter we can expect (dread). Yawn, yawn, yawn.

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Hi! I’m in western NC. Welcome!


Welcome to RO!

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Belatedly …


Well welcome to ya. Way up in Min, been there and in fact my first taste of Min had blue eyes and golden hair, liked her a lot the little Swede that she was then one day in a meeting, which became the MOST embarrassing day in her life and I suspect even to this day she is still embarrassed about it, but that was in a land far away and a long time ago. Bet she still has a red face!!!

Hope you like here, lots of good folks and some really smart people that make great contributions…enjoy!