AMBUSH! Did ABC Just “Leno” Barbara Walters?


Barbara Walters was totally ambushed by ABC today, my sources say. And the reality is, if she were even contemplating retirement of some kind, either Liz Smith or Cindy Adams would have reported it first. Now every media outlet has picked up this crazy story, and it’s quickly becoming “fact.” Stay turned to see if Walters rebuts. Interesting timing too since “The View” is not live tomorrow, but taped for Good Friday. ABC really played it well.

AMBUSH! Did ABC Just “Leno” Barbara Walters? She Has No Plans to Retire from “The View” | Showbiz411
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I have been reading as how the networks have been wanting “fresh faces” in order to attract younger viewers, some people have been ushered out. On the view, the only conservative is to “polarizing” so she will be announcing she will be leaving soon.

As for Walters, she created the View and it looks like she is also under the same indictment as the rest.


The big three have become so irrelevant, I suppose they feel the need to do something drastic. Sadly “fresh faces” are is going to be the panacea the brass thinks it will be.