America Vs the Komodo Dragon


To understand the struggle, you first have to know how the Komodo Dragon kills prey larger than itself.

The saliva of a Komodo Dragon contains a devils mix of nothing but bad bacteria and a powerful but slow acting venom. The Komodo gets close enough to insure a bite be it a leg or even a tail then follows and lays in wait as the bacteria/venom does its job in bringing down the quarry, then as the animal lays there dying unable to defend itself the Komodo feeds and finally the animal dies.

America got its ‘BITES’ by the Komodo in the late 60’s thru the end of the Vietnam war in '75. As the animal gets weaker is staggers, drops to its knees and then gets back up. We saw this under the liberalism of Jimmy Carter, then return to our feet under Reagan. We fell to our knees under Bill Klinton and only his move to the right in his second term allowed us to stand upright again. We felt the weakness under GW Bush but most thought we were as strong as ever. Then with Obama we fell not on our knees as in the past, but we fell to the ground prostrate like the quarry of the Komodo and the liberals began to feed. By Obama’s second win our breath was short and we could not even rise to our knees.

A Klinton win will finish us off, a Trump win will only delay the inevitable unless Trump can completely turn turn us around and at this stage like the dying animal at best we can thrash, raise our head and struggle to get up, but to stand tall, proud like the America most of us grew up in we have but chance left to defeat our internal enemy. Obama aided by Klinton as his Sec of State have given us the status of a paper tiger at best and at worst just a banana republic lacking the will, the military ability or financial means to be the worlds Superpower. We will never wear that crown again!

Our very blood has been drained from our near lifeless body, all $20 TRILLION of it. Our ability to fight off the infection, our military now focuses on GLBTQ issues rather than preparing to defend our shores. Our heart, our capitalist system the worlds economic engine for decades is saddled down with regulations and laws being created at the desks of faceless and nameless bureaucrats while over 1/3 of our nation demands more free stuff and equal pay.

The Komodo Dragon will win, no quarry has ever risen back to its greatness, nor has any country or society ever done so. But rest assured the space we have vacated will be filled. America filled it with Freedom and Liberty and did its best to sow the seeds across the world, but we are dying and the animals are lining up on the Savanna’s, posturing, flexing and roaring to see who can be the strong one.

Yes we have one hope left that could restore America before it takes its last gasps…Standup, DECLARE WAR on radical Islam, take the fight to them and eradicate them from the face of the earth, but we must execute deliberately, using what ever tools of war we must, it must occur with the essence of speed and above all we must WIN decisively.

If we fail to take this action, on our own, it will be our last dying breath…


DECLARE WAR on radical Islam,
Actually as I went over your post I thought that you were going to say Declare war on Democrats. I think that is a good idea & you win that war by making sure every conservative votes.


I only wish, but since that is not feasible then the ONLY way to regain our rightful place is to understand why we fell to begin it and what were the results. We fell because the POTUS failed to do his duty for American and to the world, whether or not you think he is a Muslim (I DO!) he has aided and abetted then in their goals of world dominance, he has done so in talk and in deed. The result is the growth of radical Islam like its never done in the past 1400 years. When the police stops walking the beat in your neighborhood you can expect bad things to happen, but when the police join up with the bad guys its going to go to hell in a basket…Chicago in the '30’s is a good example and its clear Obama learned from Capone. The world is on fire and Obama has been pouring gasoline on it. Think IRAN and its nuclear capability, also remember it was Bill Klinton that gave us a N Korea witha nuke!

We as America has but one choice: A DECLARED WAR! On all enemies foreign and domestic. I would request that ALL military General Officers relook their views and put in for retirement. I would direct all 3/4 Star GO’s retire effective immediately if not sooner. I would then send out a message to all Officers: I am looking for WARRIORS to defeat our enemies on the killing fields and take the fight into the bloody arena and if your hero’s are not Patton and Schwarzkopf, you might want to find another day job because WAR is the game and I am dealing the cards.

I would call up the Chinaman in charge and tell him if one of his fighter jets ever buzzes another Navy ship, we will swat it out of the sky like a fly at a picnic, tell the Rusky’s to go back to Siberia, then tell all the ragheads we are coming, we are going to clean up the mess and then leave and they are gonna pay, we take gold or oil…and then go do it!