American Patriots' Calendar


Starting with May…cause you cannot count on the media…and we shouldn’t. They are not americans.

May 1: May Day
May 1: Victims of Communism Day
May 3: Armed Forces Day
May, first Thursday in May: This year May 5, National Day of Prayer. Can’t hurt
May: second sunday in May, this year the 8th: Mother’s Day
May 8: VE day

May 10: Israel Independence day. 2016, 68th anniversary.

May, last Monday in May: Memorial Day


June 3. Jefferson Davis’ birthday. I just throw these things in to aggravate northerners.
June 5. Moonshine Day
June 6. D-Day. I just throw these things in to aggravate leftists.

June 12 (this year) second sunday in june. Flag day commemorates the adoption of the US flag. Wilson did this in 1917 but it is at the presidents discretion whether to celebrate it nationally in any particular year.

June 21, Fathers Day. I just throw in these things to aggravate mothers.

so far nothing celebrating cows this month. or pies. I’ll check for cowpies.

2016 June Holidays (Official) Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Unknown, Silly, Crazy, Bizzare Holiday Observances by Brownielocks for stupid month, week, day celebrations.

Moonshine day: 5th. definitely an American tradition worthy of celebrating.

•US Army Birthday - June 14
•United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday - June 23
•PTSD Awareness June 27
•Operation Red Wings Observance day June 28


Freedom is not Free.

Let’s honor our war dead, our fallen heroes for the sacrifices they have made for us.

Media be damned. It is up to us. It’s our duty to remember and honor our fallen.


JUNE 6th D-DAY HONOR IT. Don’t depend on the Media or this pathetic president.


You forgot that June 4th is National Donut Day!



july 4 Independence Day
July 12 National Pecan Pie Day
July 21 Dept of Veteran Admnistration created. Might be time for a new one.
July 29 Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corp



My best friend’s 70th birthday–July 27!