American taxpayers sending billions to fund foreign border walls

The latest spending bill looks like a Christmas present to other nations wishing to protect themselves!

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Now that the Democrats have reduced impeachment to a commodity, maybe the president could trade on it for a deal to authorize funding for the wall. He could agree to encourage Republicans in the House to vote for another impeachment on any articles the Democrats choose in exchange for funds.

And he could offer support for a third impeachment to get other legislation through the do-nothing house. There wouldn’t even have to be any secret hearings, made-up whistle blowers or rancor, just dream up some sensational articles and vote to pass them.


Sounds like a plan. Trump count offer Adam Schiff a position on his legislative agenda team. In exchange for a weekly impeachment that would make Adam ecstatic, “the Dems greatest prosecutor” could agree to stand aside and allow meaningful legislation that benefits the American people to come to a vote.

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