America's Future is Young Conservative Women

I believe that America’s Future is in the hands of young conservative women. We who know HOW to think, instead of being programmed WHAT to think, are not biting into the Liberal LIES!

Amala Ekpunobi is one of my favorites. Her, Candace Owens, Kim Klacik, and others, are our future. A new generation from all backgrounds.

Listen to this brilliant girl:

Women are stepping up because gov’t schools have turned our men into liberal pusscakes.

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LOL. Ain’t that the truth?

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Thanks TG. Real men don’t support the murder of the unborn. They PROTECT women and children which includes the unborn. Real men know right from wrong. They love their country and will protect its security and safety and that includes ITS BORDERS. They’re not bottle sucking know nothing babies demanding respect when they have NOT earned it. They don’t demand that everyone live his way. He believes in freedom.