America's invisible president, a Twitter resident!


The general consensus for many with the discovery of Twitter Censorship combined with blatant Liberal favoritism, is to boycott the platform altogether! Personally, I enjoy the Tweets of our President, It’s not his fault that the truth pisses some people, oh well!

Furthermore with his tweets bombarded by liberals with nearly a 3/1 ratio, I feel our president needs my support and to know America is behind him 100% amidst the whiners! I find the fact I have hear about Russians every other sentence out of their mouths absolutely annoying.

I guess, you could say my stance on the matter is I don’t care even if DT was guilty of such a ridiculous claim. Seriously, if someone with the capability of voting is that stupid to fall a victim to such alleged and simplistic propaganda, chances are natural selection will weed those individuals out before his 2nd term anyways lol!

However on the matter of Russians, interestingly enough, Mr. Jack Dorsey is all about the Russians extorting and monetizing off of his own American people! While it’s true, a scumbag like myself may be guilty of non dangerous drug related crimes committed in their past, (Nearly 5 years ago, now with all my voting and gun rights restored) Jack has no qualms with slandering even the innocent!

Where I personally draw the line is him allowing the exposure of juveniles with offenses as minor as shoplifting, to potential identity theft or possible sexual assaults! I attempt to reach out to our commander in chief on daily basis to urge Americans to move social media to open source platforms, I hope I succeed sooner than later!