America's Political Landscape


I’ll be brief.

As I see it, the greatest presidential change agent we have had in my 75 years - Donald Trump - has been and is fighting an uphill battle. In short, while congress does absolutely nothing to change the trajectory regarding such problems as illegal immigration and disadvantageous trade agreements, Trump is doing all he can while being blasted by Democrats and media - a media that has become nothing more than an extension of the Democrat Party.

I see no clear path forward for conservatives unless a number of outcomes take place in November of 2020.

FIRST, Trump must be re-elected.
SECOND, Republicans must take back the House and elect a conservative Speaker.
THIRD, Republicans must both win and expand their Senate majority - and, kick McConnell to the curb, plus install a Majority Leader willing to set aside the 60 vote majority rule.

Without FULL CONTROL of the levers of power there is no way in hell the second 4 years of the Trump presidency is going to look substantially different from the 1st 4 years from a legislative perspective.

Should the Democrats retain the house, much of Trump’s presidency/energy/attention will be squandered fighting one battle after another. In addition, we can kiss goodbye any meaningful trade agreement with China - Xi will simply wait us out until he gets the next Obama-type punk to deal with. In addition, our border will remain a complete disaster.

It is amazing to me that American’s have glimpsed their future under Democrats - that future can be found in sanctuary cities in the form drug, rodent and flea infested tent cities lining block after block - complete with feces, urine and disease riddled human beings - yet, American’s continue to elect Democrats who promise them a free ride and deliver on nothing but heartache…


I agree with on every point except the dumping of Mitch McConnell. I too used to think he was a stick in the mud, but he has been able to get a fair amount of legislation passed despite the fact the likes of John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Mercauski and the former senator from Arkansas (Tom Cotton?) were sitting there threatening to or throwing up road blocks.

Being a majority leader requires more than a fire breathing conservative. You have got to be able to muster the troops or you political philosophy will mean nothing. Yes, a major disappointment, like Paul Ryan, does not deserve our support. But where has Ted Cruz been lately? He seems to have disappeared since he was re-elected.


Ted Cruz has recently introduced a bill in the Senate which would cause term limits for both Houses. Given the makeup of both houses, it hasn’t much of a chance of passing, but at least he’s DOING something that we all realize is necessary.


It would be great if Cruz would do something has a chance of going anywhere. Proposing term limits that bunch in the House and Senate is like telling a room full of kings that their reigns are finite. Right now his state is being overrun by illegals, and we have not heard much from him.


We don’t require a “fire-breathing” conservative as Majority Leader. However, we desperately need one who appears to be alive - someone with a hint of charisma, someone who is substantially unlike the process freak, McConnell. McConnell refused to pull the trigger on the nuclear option in the Senate - that is, suspend the 60 vote rule when Repubs had the presidency and congress. Repubs will NEVER gain a 60 vote Senate majority and Dems will NEVER join in with Repubs to solve the border crisis. Solving the border crisis is impossible without suspension of Senate rules requiring 60 votes.

Dems will one day control the presidency and congress - unlike during Obama’s first two years when Dems controlled both houses, this bunch of Progressives/Subversives won’t hesitate to set aside Senate rules in order to reward illegals with citizenship/voting rights.

Republicans had better wise up.


Mitch is a corruptocrat but he is our corruptocrat. He blocked merrick Garland and got two Supremes in and 140 federal judges. He’s not all in on The Wall.

Eliminating the filibuster is a pipe dream. Even with a few more GOP senators, you’ll never get 51 of them to vote for that change in Senate rules.


2018 culled a lot of liberals from the GOP and 2020 will cull some more, as controversial and scary as that sounds (because often the short term beneficiary will be the Democrats) it is necessary and long overdue; our current problems are the direct result of GOP congressman who faked conservatism to get elected and then embraced the Extreme Left agenda whenever their support was needed.

The American people have not become extreme leftists, they have simply stopped believing in the “just hold your nose and vote for the GOP because he is not as far Left as the Democrat” philosophy; since that philosophy never gleaned any advantage for anyone except the Democrats I am thrilled to see it die!

If it takes another cycle to cull the herd I am fine with that, Trump is proof that once you ignore the critics and go full throttle the people CHEER.

Bring on the firebrand leaders in both Houses and something lasting can finally be accomplished!


Nothing really to add except my 100% agreement. Fake GOP Congressmen are of no earthly value. Cull the herd!