Ammon Bundy, 3 others arrested in Oregon amid shots fired


Ammon Bundy, the leader of the armed group occupying a federal wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, and three others have been arrested by law enforcement amid shots being fired, according to local media.

According to KATU News, Bundy and the others were arrested near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.


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A peaceful demonstration or an armed insurrection? The Bundy’s have a history of arming themselves and taking over government buildings/property. The fact is, we do not know what happened at the scene of this stop and arrest.

The bimbo in the above post is looking to piggyback on the Ferguson, Mo. “hands up, don’t shoot” BS narrative.

At this point speculation = bullsh*t.


The people in Baltimore and Ferguson rioted, pillaged & burned businesses, and the police stood down. But the FBI storms in on ranchers and kills one? Obama’s America.


Reports earlier today indicate the FEDS did NOT “storm in on ranchers” as you put it. The Bundy brothers and a few followers were on the road to town after leaving the park compound they had ILLEGALLY commandeered days ago when they were stopped by the authorities.

Exactly what transpired at that point seems unclear. What is clear is that they were armed and illegally occupied the park compound. Under the circumstances, it would not be unusual for such a stop to take place in order to place them under arrest. We’ll see.

Despite your vacuous characterization of events (“storming the ranchers”) and the “Bimbo’s” depiction above clearly referencing “hands up, don’t shoot” of Ferguson fame, we don’t know what took place at the scene of the highway stop.

I have an idea. Let’s wait for the facts to emerge.


Nobody won on this one. The Bundys seem to have legitimate grievances over management of federal lands. Taking over federal buildings though, is not going to change public policy.


shooting someone for no good reason is not going to make people trust the gov’t. just the opposite when We see BLM, OWS, ferguson riots, NY riots, Baltimore riots and these looters/rioters/radicals become de facto leaders of a legitimate movement…almost as if the gov’t wants it that way.


And yet, the blacks who burned and looted Ferguson and other cities have changed some public policy. Now cops are getting cameras, and other stuff. Maybe the ranchers just needed to do more damage.


Cops are also not policing areas that could result in them having to shoot someone. Who can blame them?

But yeah, I take your point: if you complain loudly (and violently) enough, things seem to change. If you stage a sit-in at an obscure wildlife refuge, you’re shot.


Is this Donald posting? He’s the only person I know who refers to black people as “the blacks.”


I guess you don’t know many black people do you Uncle Jed. The average black guy does not enunciated the ridiculously long “African American” politically correct phrase. If you lived in Oakland like me you’d know that.

I should be offended that you are inferring that I am a racist, but your post is so dumb that I can’t muster up the anger.


You said African American, not me. I said black people.


From the looks of it they shot him in the back


Last guy just gave up.

Now, Maybe the FBI can set up a perimeter here next?

Los Angeles schools close their doors to immigration agents

In response to the federal government raids announced at the beginning of this year to apprehend undocumented Central American immigrants, public schools in Los Angeles, where about 50 percent of the student body is Hispanic, will not allow immigration authorities to enter the campuses.

The decision taken on Tuesday by the Los Angeles Unified School District board is for all schools, from kindergarten through high school, to be declared “safe zones” and resource centers for students and families threatened by the enforcement of immigration laws.

Los Angeles schools close their doors to immigration agents | Fox News Latino

CFR Title 36 Chapter I Part 2 Section 2.32

§ 2.32 Interfering with agency functions.

(a) The following are prohibited:
(1) Interference. Threatening, resisting, intimidating, or intentionally interfering with a government employee or agent engaged in an official duty, or on account of the performance of an official duty.


This is what happens when you allow illegals to VOTE in your elections.


Now, what happens? ranchers permanently lose grazing rights? Feds suck more and more grazing land to sit idle? this ought to be on the conservative platform too, don’t you think? The Feds own so much property and buildings as to cost the taxpayers millions. They need to auction off all of the land and buildings and get out of the ownership business period.