An alternative to Google?


The search engine list is what it says it is. I’ll be perusing this to find a good and permanent alternative to Google. I’m open for suggestions.

Of course, I will be looking for one that has minimal ties to the 0bama administration.


I recommend DuckDuckGo, here is why.


Interesting. I didn’t see that one on the list. Maybe that’s a good thing. Thanks. I’ll check it out.


It is mostly focused on not your information not being saved for advertising purposes, but as mentioned on the second link, since they don’t save any information, if they get a legal request for info they can’t respond to it. Of course that doesn’t make you safe from PRISM snooping on data as it is transferred, but doing something about that is more complicated (though I could go sort of in-depth about that type of Web privacy if anyone is interested).


I have to agree with Volk. if you wanta good browser also I suggest SWare Iron. it is based off the same code as Google Chrome but without all the stat tracking.


I normally use Google Chrome and Google search engine in my daily life cause I don’t not care if someone catches me surfing for a Gandhi quote or something like that. But most of the time I am using SWare iron for most of my browsing.