An Early Casualty From California's New Cap And Trade Law


Over the last year 4 of my regular customers have gone out of business over the economy and/or fear of an inability to stay compliant with California’s new Cap and Trade law (AB-32).

I just got the news today that one more (who I was hoping would somehow survive) has decided that the cost to replace their equipment is going to be too much of an expense for the likely return so they are folding up next month.

This particular customer was one of the strongest I have, if they can’t make it work any more in California I am sure most of my remaining customers won’t either.

Not enormous news to anyone familiar with the assault on productive people in California but I just thought I would post the story in case any of our non member visitors need a practical example of how these barbaric religious extremist’s destroy real peoples lives with their Enviro-Nazi agenda.

This customer has 7 full time employees that will be joining the massive glut of unemployed workers in CA collecting unemployment instead of continuing to pay taxes.

If it seems like my fuse has been shorter than usual lately, this is why. I am really running short on patience with those who think these debates we have here are just abstract “political” opinions.

Real legislation has real consequences that real people have to pay. 4 of those 7 who are losing their jobs are good men, I would hire them in a heartbeat if I was not on the brink of disaster myself.

Right now, I would not spend a bucket of urine on a Liberal if they were on fire.


You have good a direct reasons for such a short fuse. My fuse has become much shorter toward Liberals as well. It’s their bold stupidity that makes them repeat that same mistakes over and over again regardless of the existance of historical facts that have proven them to be mistakes. No matter how educated they claim to be, they are either idiots or are heartless SOBs that are more interested in punishing success at all costs.


You might need to look into the real estate markets around Winnemucca (I-80), Kingman (I-40) and Quartzite (I-10), RET. NV and AZ have some sane people, yet.


How can California legally prevent people from bringing in machinery from other states that doesn’t comply with their cap and trade law?

I suppose the usurper and his minions will enforce it for now, but what happens when lunatics don’t run Washington anymore or the republican congress pulls the funding for the EPA and refuses to restore it unless they become sane? (Which is what they SHOULD do, the EPA is no longer even bothering to follow the law, not that the original laws or the law that set it up are remotely constitutional to begin with)

The republicans should attach a bill repealing socialized medicine to the budget and also in the budget repeal the Dodd-Frank nonsense and Sarbanes-Oxley that are crippling our financial sector.

The republicans can call it a jobs budget and then blame the democrats for shutting down the government if they won’t pass it. (IE: We passed a budget repeatedly and you wouldn’t sign it)

Just keep passing budgets that are exactly the same or similar, you could even say you passed twenty budgets in one year while the democrats passed zero in 2010 for the same reason they won’t pass this budget: They are grossly incompetent and corrupt.

Those financial regulation bills need to go, it was a sad day when the London stock exchange surpassed the NYSE in volume and new companies registering. If the UK has less strict regulation than we have, you KNOW there is a problem.


Every business that has equipment must list that equipment as an asset and the business is classified with the State based on what type of equipment they use.

In my customers case they use delivery trucks, small rubber tire skip loaders and forklifts. All these run on diesel or propane (the forklifts) so they must be made to comply with the new standards.

The cost of modifying everything older than 2003 is astronomical, it is also impossible to sell their existing equipment because everyone in the State knows that it can’t be used legally in California. That means much newer equipment must be purchased and the old stuff junked or shipped out of State to a buyer elsewhere.

Most of my customers have been surviving because they were wise enough to keep their debt load small prior to this recession. There is no money to go out and replace all the relevant equipment they need to keep operating, especially when all there existing equipment is well maintained and getting the job done right now.

The replacement equipment could be brought in from other States, that would save some California Sales tax but it would not change the cost of complete replacement just to keep doing what they are doing right now with their current equipment.

These companies were barely hanging on and hoping this year things might improve, these laws just pushed them over the cliff.


Even the EPA grandfathers a lot of crap and only hits new and expanding businesses. These people are insane. Sorry to state the obvious.


Exactly, that is one of their tricks to squash some of the opposition to these ideas. They offer an exemption to some current entities that will give them a very profitable advantage over their future competition.

Short term profit traded for long term poverty.


Really feelin’ that Christian love, RET. :biggrin:


NV’s a pretty hands-off state, but we still have the country’s highest unemployment rate…RET still might like it here, though, it’d be the same desert at least…


Really feelin’ that Christian love, RET.

Refusing to put a liberal out is just as Christian as refusing to put out Satan, since they are his allies.


If I was capable of always loving those who have committed their lives to destroying everything I love and establishing everything I hate then I would not be a Christian, I would be Christ.

I can assure you that I am not, my only hope is the grace of God.
I would not trust my 10 best minutes to measure up to my God’s standard.


:rofl: Nicely worded.

I know Christians aren’t supposed to measure up to God’s standards. But you don’t exactly seem to be straining yourself trying. =P


And you don’t seem to read very carefully.

In the post you quoted I said “right now” prior to the comment you are referencing.

I posted that right after I got the news that several more of my friends who are good, hard working men will be joining the unemployment line as a result of these vicious enemies to Liberty.

They will likely lose their homes and their families will suffer great hardship like many other friends and families that I have witnessed over the last 3 years of this Liberal manufactured recession.

If you think it is easy to ignore those realities as evidenced by your comment that I am “not trying very hard” then you clearly have never witnessed the needless destruction of anyone you cared about.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to walk a mile in my (or their) shoes you can comment about how “easy” it is to “love your enemies” in the wake of such circumstances.

In the meantime you should know how foolish a 16 year old girl with no mouths depending on her to feed them sounds when she “laughs” in judgment.


RET what business are u in? What do u think needs to happen for this to be reversed? And, what are the hopes for re-starting (for your folded clients)?


That is about the most hateful thing I think I’ve ever ‘heard’ you post.
You owe the MAN an apology.


California has been passing massive environmental regulations based on all the phony “science” about “human caused global warming” over the last couple of years. This regulation is on top of two decades worth of other junk science environmental regulation.

The result has been that in order for my customers to continue operating they must replace almost all of their perfectly good equipment at a cost of 10’s of thousands of dollars.

They are all operating on a very tight budget as a result of the last 2 years of recession and have only survived by keeping their expenses to a minimum and trying to hang on until times improve.

Completely replacing all their delivery trucks, bucket loaders and forklifts right now just to stay compliant with the new law (AB-32) that begins implementation this month is just not an option.

Most have already depleted their resources just surviving, they hoped that our State would vote for a temporary delay in the implementation of this law that was on the November ballot. The ballot measure simply said that until the State unemployment rate was back down to where it was when the law in question (AB-32) was passed, implementation would be delayed.

The voters rejected this measure, that was the last shot these businesses had to survive. Most are now regretting the spending of all their capital keeping their doors open on the hope that California voters would not cut their own throats.

Once again we have proved that we are the dumbest collection of self destructive buffoons on the planet.

I own a trucking business, not much of one anymore as I am down to operating only one truck that I drive myself. I supply these customers who are the retailers that sell bulk materials to the public and the building contractors in their respective areas.

The tighter finances get for homeowners the less these businesses sell to the public, likewise the worse the economy gets the fewer projects contractors get where they need these materials.

My business is only doing 28 percent of what I did in 2006, I have lost about 1/3 of my demand per year between 2007 and 2011. That has been the result of several customers going out of business and most of the survivors having much less demand.

There is a delay in the implementation of this bogus law for any company with less than 5 qualified pieces of equipment. I sold my skip loader and some other equipment that I could not find work for anyway so I am under the 5 unit barrier. That means I have 3 extra years to replace my truck to get in compliance. My customers do not have this option, they cannot run a retail bulk materials business with less that 5 pieces of equipment.

It will not be possible for me to comply if I am still only working the equivalent of 3 months per year in 2014, at the rate my customers are failing I doubt I will have even that much this year.

Even before this destructive law that is retroactive to all equipment manufactured before 2004 the regulations in California were very expensive and punitive to businesses. We were experiencing a mass exodus of business from California even before this recent recession and round of Enviro-Nazi laws.

The only solution is to stop allowing drug addict hippies with their junk science religion of Enviro-Nazism to write our laws and abolish the garbage they have passed to date.

In other words, we have little to no hope.

Even with our private sector tax base decimated to the point that our State budget is 28 billion dollars in debt and all our schools, law enforcement agencies and state services are fighting for scraps the voters still won’t give an inch.

Several of our cities have declared bankruptcy and many more are on the brink as the State takes the local portion of the Property tax revenue to mask some of their own issues, leaving cities and counties even worse off than they would have been from just the recession.

Add to this Trillions of dollars in unfunded pension obligations to the Public Employee Unions and you would think sheer terror on the part of Union leadership would convert them to the most Pro-Industry group in California out of self interest.

But we are just not that smart, we keep attacking and destroying the only thing that can fund our way out of this mess.

A strong private sector tax base is the solution, 58 percent of our voting public wants to completely decimate this sector.

They have succeeded.


woah :frowning: i don’t know what to say other than offering condolences… What are you going to do?


And I don’t get it, I thought our EnviroNazis were bad…you should see the regulations put on the miners…but they don’t manage to destroy the economy! It’s nuts. I guess it’s coz we have such a small economy it’s hard to be a casualty of bad decisions that only affect a small percentage…if that makes sense


Well, several scenarios could evolve.

  1. The complete bankruptcy of the California State Government during the reign of our new “Tea Party” Congress that will refuse to bail us out would force the people of this State (via mass hardship) to stop preventing the access to our natural resources and start encouraging all manner of private sector productive behavior.

  2. Even these extreme circumstances don’t motivate our voters out of their idiotic stupor and California remains in a post collapse state indefinitely. In this scenario I will try to stay until my youngest boy graduates High School (he is a freshman) and then flee this god forsaken haven of selfishness, ignorance and Communism. There are many elders in my family that depend on me for quite a few things and who would have a tough time living in any of the likely places I would move to so this option would pose many problems.

I suppose it could be possible that we could wise up prior to the complete collapse and default of our State government but if the last 2 years did not motivate such thought I really doubt anything short of economic Armageddon will do the trick.

So far I have managed to capitalize on some of my other skills in an “under the table” manner to keep things afloat. In California every business must be classified and licensed so I can’t legally weld, do mechanical repair, build computer networks or do home repair for money under my current business license.

That is why I must sneak around to survive. I have 2 retail marijuana stores within 1 mile of my house but I must hide from the State government if I build an equipment trailer for someone or repair someones A/C unit in their car for money.

I am used to being considered a criminal by my State, I have been classified a criminal many times in the last 30 years as our “laws” change.

So far we keep getting by but I would be lying if I said I knew what I will be doing throughout January to make ends meet in February. The excitement of the mystery has long since worn off, as has my patience for the ridiculous justifications from Liberals for supporting all these destructive ideas.

But thanks for the condolences, I saw what this State was doing to itself long ago and I had many opportunities to get out. I knew what was going to happen and I figured I could grind my way through it somehow. It has been worse than I predicted so achieving my goal of letting my kids all graduate here with their friends may not be possible but in the grand scheme that is not that big a deal.


1 would probably take too long to save people right? 2 is more likely as most ppl don’t vote for practical reasons but ideological ‘warm fuzzy’ ones I imagine…possibly because they figure the Government is meant to solve practical issues…weird logic right?

It’s a shame you’d never consider moving off the continent. Truck driving as I’ve said before is enjoying a golden age here. One of my friends had a recent $14,000 pay rise. And he hasn’t had years of experience. People with skills at fixing the things are in high demand too. As for networking there’s the new Broadband network rollout you could score a job on, in some capacity. We are short of people full stop or so they say, and I hate to say it but it’s true that most of us would like to see…can’t believe I’m typing this…other white people get the visas.

I feel like I’ve broken a law typing that lol.

From what you said you seem quite pessimistic (about the home front situation), but then I hardly blame you :frowning: Surely there’s a way to get the message out, in bite sized chunks for the less cerebral :wink: Questions should also be asked, and answered sans-spin!! about what these lawmakers suggest as a possible alternative boom area with potentiall employment, and associated training opportunities for those who need them.