An Election Prediction - Not

I placed this post in Late Breaking News because for nearly 4 years it seems like every minute of everyday a new contrived or real news item has surfaced regarding Trump. To say the last 4 years has often been chaotic, and for many, quite stressful, would be a profound understatement.

In my opinion, the chaos has been mostly a result of false attacks and ginned-up allegations against a POTUS who many in the country simply do not like - in spite of his many accomplishments and tireless work ethic - and I would add, despite the obvious detrimental actions toward the union by the Left; the lies, the attempted coup, the riots - the list is endless.

That said, Trump has often played into the hands of those who would hasten his political demise. The man is thin-skinned and often opens his mouth without thinking of the political consequences. His sometimes ill-timed/ill-conceived/unclear commentary has often contributed to the perception of chaos on the part of many.

Against the backdrop of the Left-wing thug politics of our time and the likely widespread hatred of Trump on a personal level (we shall see on Nov 3), all helped along by the communication wing of the Democrat Party - media - and let’s not forget the China pandemic - I think Trump might very well lose this election and we might very well see much of what he has accomplished be torn down soon thereafter.

I am a reasonably well educated man of 77 years. I have NEVER seen a POTUS accomplish so many positive agenda items - for America - as Trump has accomplished almost singlehandedly. His accomplishments both domestically and on the foreign policy front are literally unprecedented.

Unfortunately, I fear this election - with the assistance of the media - will boil down to Trump the man, namely his management style rather than the substance of his accomplishments. My main concern is the voters are exhausted from the chaos and will take it out on Trump.

I can’t predict the outcome of this election. I do not know how it will turn out. What I do know and can predict is that in the final month of the campaign Joe Biden’s mental state, his historical record of siding with racist Senators such as Byrd and Eastland regarding civil rights, his miserable record on foreign policy, his statements regarding raising taxes and immigration, etc. will continue to be under-reported if not outright ignored by the media while a wart on Trump’s ass will be microscopically examined and reported as a national emergency and proof that Biden is the best man to take on China/Russia, the economy and the pandemic and the myriad challenges confronting our nation. And he will meet those challenges just as soon as he packs the Supreme Court, opens the borders, sees to it we are once again dependent on foreign oil and ensures America has a one party system.

Xi and Putin have to be elated with the very real possibility they will soon be dealing with Joe Biden and his globalist puppet masters. … .


Yes, a Trump win this election is a long shot. The left has been able to blame him for everything from the Corona virus to the violence in the streets. It’s now been shown the Hillary was the one who colluded with the Russians, but few Americans will ever know that.

Biden is depicted as an “old, safe politician from the good old days” when things were “normal.” The only thing true about the statement is that Biden is “old” in fact “very old.” He has less talent now than he did then, and he didn’t have much talent in his prime. He was back bench politician from a safe seat who never had to do much. That was why Obama picked him because Obama knew that Biden would never look better than he did.

I now hear claims that Texas is a toss-up. That might be. It took a while for Ted Cruz to beat a bozo like Beto O’Rourke, That shows you how far left Texas as gone. The whole west coast is voting “Anybody but Trump.” It does not matter who the candidate is. Ditto for the Northeast and Illinois. The Democrats have a huge advantage, and it is going to hard to overcome.

At what is the source of much of their current advantage? The Corona Virus sent to us by the Communist Chinese. Biden’s real running mate is the Corona Virus. It’s done more for him than any other factor in the election.


The Left and their media handmaidens become apoplectic at even the mention of the fact that China introduced the virus to the world - calling it the “China virus” gets one labeled a bigot and xenophobic. It is Trump’s fault 24/7.

We live in a nation turned upside down by the Left - one where all whites are, by definition, racist and looting and burning down businesses is viewed by the Democrat Party as understandable, if not right out justified.

As for Trump’s reelection - not sure I would call it a longshot, at least not yet. However, his defeat would come as no surprise - tragic on many levels, but not surprising.


I think there’s a lot of calculating to what he says. I think he uses the assumption that he’s a loose cannon to our great advantage. There are two big examples (which I’ve already mentioned elsewhere).

One, early on he reacted to the NK nuisance dictator’s provocative talk by being even more provocative. “My button’s bigger!” The media assumed he spoke “without thinking” and was going to immediately lead us into a nuclear war with his stupidity. There could be no other outcome in their narrow minds.

But he did that to shock the nuisance and make him feel off balance and uncertain. He followed it up with his supreme honor campaign and has only said nice things about the nuisance ever since. And the nuisance hasn’t been any problem ever since.

His handling of North Korea can only be described as pure genius.

The other was the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He noisily said he was going to abandon Syria. That provoked the easily-manipulated media into wailing and moaning about those poor Syrians. But he only moved our troops into hiding. Thinking he was no longer in danger, the ever-careful Baghdadi got sloppy. Our troops easily cornered him for the kill.


However, I also fear your general point. Though I’m hoping he’ll conquer covid in time for people to appreciate his strength, sympathize with him and fear whether Biden could survive it.

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Trump didn’t do himself any favors by embracing the shutdown. I know he anticipated them saying “Trump killed 250,000 people!” and tried to head it off, but that was a bad play.

Then absorbing Republican establishment talking points was just about the end of it. When I started getting “Joe Biden is a radical Leftist” mailers, I knew Trump was either going to wake up and steer this in a direction that makes sense or lose. That debate surprised me because he was surprisingly informed. Moreso than I’ve ever seen. I think he actually prepared for it. But he was clearly coached by the same people who helped Mitt Romney and John McCain lose.

Accusing Biden of wanting socialized medicine is laughable. And a majority of Republicans support Medicare for All now. So why exactly attack your opponent on something that would help them?

Trump had a moment here, even after the shutdown where he could have won - and by a lot. UBI, rent moratorium, use Covid as an excuse for a “Come to Jesus” moment on Medicare for All. But instead, he let Kevin McCarthy play him and they followed up a government imposed shutdown with a huge bank and corporate bailout and a stiff middle finger to the middle class and working poor. Trump got rolled, and in the moment we needed him to fight for us the most, he just acted like any other Republican president would have.

Trump’s biggest flaw is that he finally let the RNC get to him. I think Covid shook his confidence and they managed to bundle him into the same useless crap they’ve been pushing for forty years. Now he’s running as Mitt Romney 2020. The result is predictable. Even with that, he did stand a chance at eking out a narrow win via Penn+Main district and letting the House decide it(which, due to weird rules would give Republicans more votes even if they don’t control the House).

But ultimately, him coming down with Covid is the final blow. The gap was big and the odds were already against him. Now he has no way to close it. Trump’s presidency is over. The only question is if the person standing at the inauguration podium is Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

Problem for your side in this is that it will eventually come out that there were nowhere NEAR 200,000 deaths in the U.S. that can REASONABLY attributed to Covid-19 and most rational Americans know it in their guts. BTW, there are almost NO Republicans who think “Medicare for all” is a good idea. That’s a stupid claim.

And what would you attribute them too? And BTW, before this is over we’ll probably be between 300-400 thousand.

Why would any Republican support fascist healthcare? A free healthcare marketplace would clearly be the best, lowest cost, most fair system that could be possible.

The concept of “health insurance” has great value, but it’s been thoroughly abused to the point that it consumed and made all our decisions for us and now it’s just called “healthcare”, not insurance. We need to get back to a marketplace.

The president talked about health providers being required to post the prices they charge for each service or procedure they provide. Now that would indeed be free market health. I don’t know where it stands, but man oh man, I hope he pulls that one off.

You sound like a hopeful Democrat licking your chops at a Trump defeat, just like 2016 all over again.


Why do Democrats seem so eager for more death? And why does the president get the blame?

It seems the true blame or responsibility should be shouldered

  • by China, for not containing it when they could and for not alerting us to the truth early,
  • by Fauci for funding the Gain-of-Function research that modified the virus in that Wuhan lab,
  • by pharmaceutical companies that have opposed the use of cheap hydroxychloroquine with zinc, a proven cure (see HCQtrial),
  • by some Democrat governors that moved covid-positive elderly into senior centers where it spread like wildfire, and
  • by the media for publishing false information about hydroxychloroquine and for almost never mentioning vitamin D.

Additional responsibility, though not really blame, belong to all of us for attempting to live our lives, which is governments are wrong to inhibit.


WTF makes you think I’m eager for more death???

I said from the beging that this would be worse than the worst seasonal flu, not because I wanted it, but because of the pathology of the virus. The right has engaged in large scale denialism which has made the effects of the virus much worse than it had to be.

There’s NO EVIDENCE that China manufactured the virus, which means it was an act of nature. Just as Spanish Flu originated in Kansas (yet somehow we call it the “Spanish flu”).

If it’s a proven cure, why doesn’t the President’s current regimen of medications include it? (Hint, because there is no reliable evidence it works).

I agree here to some extent, we could have avoided the worst of it if Trump had used the bully pulpit to appeal to all people Dem and Republican to wear masks and social distance. If he had encouraged everyone to follow the lead of experts and given them unfiltered access to the US public I think we could have avoided the worst of the “bans and shutdowns”. People could have quickly embraced social distancing and masks, then identified people most vulnerable and undertook aggressive contact tracing to quarantine those known to be exposed to the virus before they show symptoms.

The situation at the Whitehouse right now is a reminder of the persistent failure. Trump, Hicks were both infected early and spread the virus for days before they were quarantined. How many days is still up in the air because Trump’s docs refuse to give us the date of Trumps last negitive test. Trump probably went to his golf club in Bedminster while infected, yet no one that was there has been informed and at least one person (probably more) have been infected since, yet no one has contacted that person.

Going back to the beginning of the pandemic what we got was downplaying of the virus, a travel ban, that wasn’t really a travel ban, it was more of a travel restriction that could easily be worked around by flying to Europe from nations with restrictions and on to the US. This went on for days/ weeks before it was shut down.

So yeah, leadership starts at the top, Trump used his voice to divide the nation and downplay the virus early when it mattered most, which is why the US is still one of the worst nations in the world.

LOL. What a maroon! Spanish flu in no way “ORIGINATED” in Kansas. There is ample reason to believe the virus was manufactured. One such is that it’s not mutating, which ALL such viruses normally do when found in the population.

MORE BS! Sweden didn’t mandate wearing masks and “social distancing” and they are over the worst of it faster than ANYONE else.

You’re a moron, CSB, and this post just confirms it.

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First, and most importantly, Sweden has a population the size of NY in a country about the same size as CA with most people living in the south. So right there, it’s far from an apples to apples comparison.

That said, Sweden hasn’t done that will and their approach would take much, much longer here in the US because of our nation’s size and pockets of population spread across a large area.

But, let’s look

How has Sweden done?

Barely better than the US, despite a colder climate, a much smaller population, and much more socially and politically homogeneous population. That is, culturally they are better educated and less divided than the US.

Now let’s look at the per-capita death rate between the US, Sweden and two countries that did get over it faster than the US and Sweden by a HUGE margin, Singapore and South Korea, Places where masks, shutdowns, and contact tracing were used. Compared to these places, Sweden was a total and utter failure.

Globally you can see Swedens performance was one of the worst, what made them better than the US was that their people didn’t pretend like nothing was happening and they took it upon themselves to do what needed to be done.

As far as mandates, as I said, they would have been largely unnecessary if Trump had tried to unite everyone on common sense mask usage, social distancing and contact tracing. And of course, if he and his family had stood as an example for the rest of the nation.

Complete failure and blessedly people will throw him out on his ass this November.

Nonsense…and so are your “charts.” What makes you believe that the “European CDC” has accurate data on Singapore and S. Korea?

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What makes you think they don’t?

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Lol, see it’s people like you advising Trump now. He’s listening to you, and just like Romney, he’s going to lose because of it.

Trump winning in 2020 was about our only chance as a country. With this loss, we have 4 years of Biden and 8 of Harris. America will essentially be a Chinese vassal by 2032, and whatever Republican you wish you could have will simply not exist any more.

Trump may have won - if he was still calling the shots. But running as a standard Republican in 2020 is a hopeless situation. His policy prescriptions ever since the convention appear to be boiler plate RNC now as well. Which means even if he had somehow won, he wouldn’t have done anything else useful.

Trump was good specifically because he was independent and rejected Republican Party orthodoxy. The best things he’s accomplished were over the screams of National Review/Chamber of Commerce. Why he decided to veer off course and let someone else lead him is beyond me.

You can take great pride that as he runs a campaign with a platform you approve of, he gets to lose with a dignified RNC approved vision - just like Romney.

So you think his pulling out of “negotiations” with Nancy Piglosi over Coronavirus “relief” is the act of the GOP “orthodoxy”?

Trump’s negotiating tactics have nothing to do with his policy priorities. Look at his top five priorities, and tell me which one differs from Romney’s in 2012.

Trump ran in 2016 on a completely different platform. And that’s why he won. People didn’t support Romney because he wasn’t going to do anything useful. Trump’s 2020 agenda has been completely anemic since August.

Trump has always had good political instincts. He needs to go back to this and stop letting Heritage Foundation dweebs pick his priorities.

Trump will win and it will not be close, it is the Left that has appalled the United States and chosen the worst possible moron to try and make America forget what they witness with their own eyes every day; the Democrats will lose the House and lose more seats in the Senate.

I will enjoy every minute between now and election night, 1984 was the last time I saw 100 percent of the juice on my side and never encountered a single person who had any doubt which way they were going to vote; the Left has doused their own home in gasoline and lit the match :rofl:


Man oh man, I sure hope you’re right about that. There could be three seats open on the Supreme Court in the next four years, so if we lose the Senate, they would just sit there empty waiting for either a Democrat President or a Republican Senate.

But if President Trump continues beating covid, as it appears he is, I agree he’ll win big. It surely makes everyone wonder, how will old Joe fare when he eventually gets it?

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Except for the 12 nucleotides that appear in SARS-CoV-2 that don’t appear in other close viruses. Those 12 are translated to 4 amino acids in the spike protein that form a polybasic furin cleavage site which makes it more virulent. Odd that they popped in there naturally. And it’s very odd that they popped in there so close to the only level four virus lab in China.

I wondered the very same thing. I can only conclude he bowed to the doctors’ advice, in spite of the constant drumbeat of reporters saying he hates science.

But hydroxychloroquine very definitely works. You probably didn’t follow my link, so let me paste in the graph:

Countries that adopted early treatment with hydroxychloroquine (shown in green) have a 74.9% lower death rate than countries that decline it’s use (shown in red). No evidence?

That’s a Democrat talking point–it’s all Trump’s fault.

Barely better. But better per capita, despite no lockdowns. Even your graph shows they’re doing better per capita. They just got there quicker.

I wonder if South Korea and Singapore are using hydroxychloroquine.