An Election Prediction - Not

I’d make a bet with you, but you’ve proven you renege on bets.

Is the virus his fault, no of course not, it was going to come here no matter what and people were going to die from it. What is his fault is using the virus as a political tool which has cost more lives and, ironically is now spreading though the Whitehouse like wildfire.

Conformed cases so far.

Conway, K.
Conway, C.
WH journo #1
WH journo #2

There are more, probably a lot more, but the Whitehouse is refusing to release the names citing “privacy”, though when asked just for the number of people rather than names, they still refuse.

This display is a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with this administration.

We may also find out that Trump broke rules he agreed to before the debate surrounding protocol.

We may learn that Trump went to Bedminster for a fundraiser knowing he tested positive.

Now he’s at the Whitehouse exposing agents and other employees.

And it goes on and on…

So yeah, Trump has some blame in what’s happened to the nation just as he has blame whith what’s happened in his own Whitehouse.

There are a lot of mitigating circumstances that make comparisons between the US and Sweden meaningless to compare.

They have a population of NYC spread out over a country lager than CA. They aren’t politically divided like we are here (leading to a lot less stupid behavior). They don’t have things like “beach week” and Trump Rallies where hundreds of people come into contact despite the advice of their experts, and lastly, they’ve only recently pulled ahead on a per capita basis.

Example of stupid behavior that Trump has encouraged (or failed to discourage, depending on how you look at it)…

University of Minnesota

If you don’t want to click on the link

" Results:

Of 491 patients randomly assigned to a group, 423 contributed primary end point data. Of these, 341 (81%) had laboratory-confirmed infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) or epidemiologically linked exposure to a person with laboratory-confirmed infection; 56% (236 of 423) were enrolled within 1 day of symptoms starting. Change in symptom severity over 14 days did not differ between the hydroxychloroquine and placebo groups (difference in symptom severity: relative, 12%; absolute, −0.27 points [95% CI, −0.61 to 0.07 points]; P = 0.117). At 14 days, 24% (49 of 201) of participants receiving hydroxychloroquine had ongoing symptoms compared with 30% (59 of 194) receiving placebo ( P = 0.21). Medication adverse effects occurred in 43% (92 of 212) of participants receiving hydroxychloroquine versus 22% (46 of 211) receiving placebo ( P < 0.001). With placebo, 10 hospitalizations occurred (2 non–COVID-19–related), including 1 hospitalized death. With hydroxychloroquine, 4 hospitalizations occurred plus 1 nonhospitalized death ( P = 0.29)."

Study that Originates in Spain


A total of 293 patients were eligible for intention-to-treat analysis: 157 in the control arm and 136 in the intervention arm. The mean age was 41.6 years (SD 12.6), mean viral load at baseline was 7.90 (SD 1.82) Log10 copies/mL, and median time from symptom onset to randomization was 3 days. No significant differences were found in the mean reduction of viral load at day 3 (-1.41 vs. -1.41 Log10 copies/mL in the control and intervention arm, respectively; difference 0.01 [95% CI -0.28;0.29]) or at day 7 (-3.37 vs. -3.44; d –0.07 [-0.44;0.29]). This treatment regimen did not reduce risk of hospitalization (7.1%, control vs. 5.9%, intervention; RR 0.75 [0.32;1.77]) nor shortened the time to complete resolution of symptoms (12 days, control vs. 10 days, intervention; p = 0.38). No relevant treatment-related AEs were reported.


In patients with mild Covid-19, no benefit was observed with HCQ beyond the usual care.

Here’s one out of Brazil


A total of 667 patients underwent randomization; 504 patients had confirmed Covid-19 and were included in the modified intention-to-treat analysis. As compared with standard care, the proportional odds of having a higher score on the seven-point ordinal scale at 15 days was not affected by either hydroxychloroquine alone (odds ratio, 1.21; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.69 to 2.11; P=1.00) or hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin (odds ratio, 0.99; 95% CI, 0.57 to 1.73; P=1.00). Prolongation of the corrected QT interval and elevation of liver-enzyme levels were more frequent in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine, alone or with azithromycin, than in those who were not receiving either agent.


Among patients hospitalized with mild-to-moderate Covid-19, the use of hydroxychloroquine, alone or with azithromycin, did not improve clinical status at 15 days as compared with standard care. (Funded by the Coalition Covid-19 Brazil and EMS Pharma; number, NCT04322123. opens in new tab.)

There is this one by the Henrey Ford Health system that appears to agree that HQ “cut the death rate significantly”, but there is another paper that questions methods and results of the conclusions HERE.

Didn’t Trump claim months ago that he was taking the drug proactively to prevent COVID?

Further, what about all the other people I listed above, do you suppose any of them are taking HQ?

RET, let’s hope you are correct.

That moron Biden is spreading the rumor that none of the Trump family members who attended the first debate wore masks there and that’s why so many in the Trump administration have contracted the disease. However, Fox’s “The Five” showed a video of the Trump family entering and taking their seats and they were ALL–to a person–wearing facemarks. Every one of them! The left simply CANNOT keep from lying.

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See all the people who are wearing masks and the ones who are not?

If your name is Trump, I guess the rules don’t apply to you, hmmmm, wonder where they get that from?

So what? Others in that audience are not wearing masks either. Biden is claiming that he watched them walk in and none of them were wearing masks…a blatant lie.

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I"m not sure that’s true because you never cite anything, and you’re often caught peddling BS. That said, please, please don’t pretend that lying bothers you.

Lying doesn’t bother you, so why should you be upset by one else’s post?

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I spent quite a lot of time arguing with you about the Democrat plan to give free health care to illegal aliens. I am not wasting any more time debating you except if it’s an insult. All you do is play games.

You can go paddle your own communist canoe. It will be without me.

It’s a shame what TrumpTrain and, let’s be honest, Trump has done to people like you. I am happy that most of the problems lay with Boomers, so blessedly my kids won’t have to with the social infection that is Trump, as the problem will (mostly) cure itself given a little time.

The most Ironic example of this is Kellyanne Conway’s daughter wants to work for AOC.


And no, I’m not an AOC supporter before the gears in your head start moving, I just think it’s hilarious and honestly kind of cathartic.

If you don’t support what AOC wants, then you are a damn fool to be a Democrat because it’s AOC and her kind that run the party. If you think that Biden controls anything in the Democrat Party, you are dumber than I think you are. Biden is nothing. He is a shell that is there to fool the gullible old Democrats, mostly the old union memebers, who think that they can go back to the days of Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, and even Ted Kennedy, and Democrat “moderation.”

Carter is 95 years old. Humphrey and Kennedy are dead, and that’s where “moderation” is in the modern Democrat Party, DEAD.

As for my generation and their supposed short comings according to you, I would lay the blame on the far left of my generation who started the take-over of our college campuses.


Lol, no.

Biden has done nothing but oppose everything she’s suggested and dumps on Progressives and left wing policy constantly.

Joe Biden is closer to John McCain than he is AOC.

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When are you going to get it through your head? Biden is nobody. He’s reads the speeches they give him. The Democrat leadership is having Biden mouth that stuff to fool the old Democrats I mentioned earlier, and the independents, into voting for him as a “moderate voice.” He has no voice. He’s senile.

If Biden had had any power, he would have talked to the Democrat mayors and governors in the cities and states that have had the months of rioting and told them to tamp it down. He didn’t. His excuse was that he doesn’t hold any public office and therefore doesn’t have the power to pick up the phone to talk to them. As the head of the party, Biden has that power. But instead he says nothing.

You can interpret that as in two ways. One, Biden doesn’t have much influence in his own party. OR Two Biden supports the people who doing the rioting and looting. Neither interpretation reflects well on Biden.

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Just pure right-wing BS.

No, truth, but you have to keep up the facade because you are Democrat.

Your party has nominated two stink-o candidates in a row, Crooked Hillary and Senile Biden. The last time you people did that badly was in 1852 and 1856. In 1852 you nominated the alcoholic, Franklin Pierce. In 1856 you nominated the perpetual political hack and eventual total failure, James Buchanan, who now rated as the worst president in history.

Biden has a lot in common with Buchanan. He’s had nothing but government jobs all of his life and has been, at best mediocre, at all of them. He’s a hack politician who has never really worked a day in his life.

Here’s a medalet from the 1856 Buchanan campaign. “The crisis demands his election.” You people are selling the same lie today.

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Why would anyone who is not in a high risk group but who does possess a functioning brain be wearing a mask at this point or be worried about catching this glorified cold? :rofl:

Adults do not dress up like idiots and destroy everything they have worked for out of fear that they might feel poorly for 3 days, in about a month you are going to see just how few snowflakes there actually are in this country :wink:


That really is the point, Biden is a non factor and he always has been. Trump voters are voting FOR Trump, they are not holding their nose and voting against Biden; the Democrat’s probably had 30 options that were far better than Biden but it would be the same story if they had chosen any of them.

You can’t act like spoiled children and beat a born executive, people don’t want to be led by spoiled crybabies who burn everything down when they don’t get their way :rofl:


Last month the CDC released the numbers of those who actually died FROM Covid-19 in the United States so far, less than 12,000. The average flu season takes 70,000 so I won that bet by much more than even I imagined the day I made it.

I don’t renege, I beat Liberals like a drum :sunglasses:

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