An Election Prediction - Not

Because they could be asymptomatic carrier who spreads it to people that are high risk. Masks reduce that risk. Any attempt to deny this is just denailism motivated by politics.

That’s pure spin.

If Trump, god forbid, died from Pneumonia as the result of catching COVID, the cause of death would be COVID or if you prefer “COVID related”. The cause is still COVID.

Denying this is just political spin and more to the point, you trying to find an absurd way to get out of our bet. Now I’m not disappointed because I never had any doubt you’d renege.

Nobody needs to “reduce the risk of spreading”, every single person who is alive will be exposed to this flu virus; the ONLY purpose in trying to “slow the spread” was to “flatten the curve” in an effort to not overwhelm the medical infrastructure.

It has been PROVED that the fear of overwhelming the medical infrastructure was unfounded, there is no longer any concern that beds and respirators will run out; only an idiot would want to try and drag this out so the high risk groups have to hide as long as possible FOR NOTHING.

Catch the damn thing and get it over with so grandma and grandpa can resume their lives and get the regular medical care that they are being DENIED now over your idiot Party’s political agenda to make this big nothing into your ticket to power; your guys are literally KILLING people to keep this lie going.

That is a gross misrepresentation of the data, pneumonia caused by Covid would be in the 12000 number of ACTUAL DEATHS CAUSED BY COVID.

Pre-existing conditions (not pneumonia) that patients are ALREADY battling which ANY FLU or even a COLD could elevate to the point of death are the bogus numbers that you are citing for political reasons.

Those deaths are of people who had on average TWO pre-existing conditions and were an average age of 78!

Trying to turn a flu virus that is no threat to children, no threat to adults and no threat to overwhelm our medical infrastructure into a monster that warrants destroying the economy and the lives of millions of Americans just because your Party has lost the support of everyone who works for a living is evil and unconscionable.

You lost the bet and you will lose even more power a month from now, your lies and spin about this glorified cold aren’t even selling in Kalifornia any more; when your BS stops selling in this intellectually bankrupt State it is obvious what the rest of the Country is thinking :rofl:


And yet…

Well except for, if you get your way, 1-2 million people who die as a result of being exposed.

So let me ask you a question, though I don’t expect you to be honest and answer, but I’ll try anyway.

Let’s say you need a plumber. You call and he shows up. He has COVID and he knows it, but he doesn’t are that information with you. People you care about become sick and die (again, hypothetical here, not really wishing people you care about to die).

Now if they get COVID and die of pneumonia, heart failure, whatever…You wouldn’t place any blame on the plumber because, after all, COVID didn’t kill anyone. Deaths were the result of persons existing lack of immune response to (insert non-COVID cause of death here)…


You insert a question at the point where I destroyed your argument and you say that you doubt I will be honest? :rofl:

My neighbor has Covid-19 right now and is quarantined at home, he helped me Friday evening and Saturday with a repair that I was doing at home; neither of us wore a damn “mask”.

I don’t care because everyone will be exposed to this and it is no threat to begin with, duh.


Herd immunity and a vaccine are the solutions to this mess. The Democrats hope that this will never end because it provides them with one more excuse to control people.

That is one of the prime directives for the Democrat Party; control people with laws and regulations and make them dependent with government services and hand-outs. The Communists and the Nazis used the same playbook.


What will be the running two year effect on life expectancy for the country as a whole? Be specific.

Ever wonder WHY the Covid-19 virus has STILL not mutated into a different form with different symptoms and effects? Flu viruses do so within 6 MONTHS of being discovered and spread, but THIS one doesn’t. Why do you think that is? That Chinese lady “whistleblower” says it’s because it WAS a manufactured virus, and was manufactured SPECIFICALLY to NOT mutate over time.

The CIA might know the answer as to whether or not the Chinese concocted this virus and set it on the world with the U.S. as the specific target. Given what we know about the deep state’s desire to put Democrats and RINOs in office over more independent candidates, I would not put it past them.

A fairly high number of people who have been programmed in our colleges and universities think that China has the better for of government. Some of them are just empty headed, like my one of nieces and two nephews, and don’t think much about the issues at all. They just vote Democrat because “that’s what smart, educated people do.”

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Well, now you know you can’t believe her because it definitely has been mutating.

  1. We know the early New York City outbreak came from Europe instead of China because it was closer to that mutation strain.

  2. There’s been a few cases of reinfection in individuals involving different strains, indicating the cross resistance isn’t perfect.

  3. I’m like 99% sure it’s not even possible to engineer something not to mutate. That’s not how selective pressure works.

there is NO scientific, medical evidence that the original Corvid-19 virus has “mutated” even slightly.

Well now you’re just wrong. Here’s a breakdown of the different strains (or mutations) found as of April 2020.

Which means WHAT exactly? MORE BS?

Socialists love to post charts and graphs which they don’t understand themselves. They think it makes them look intelligent and perceptive. It’s all part of their haughty, high handed approach to dealing with the major issues of the day. Kamala Harris gave us a lesson on that in the debate.

You will note that he didn’t label the vertical axis of his graph on Corona virus strains. What does it mean? Perhaps he could enlighten us.

I am sure this chart came from somewhere in the bowels of the Democratic National Committee website. They come up with all kind of stuff, like how Obama did better with the economy that Trump has. Democrats are great fiction writers.

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My apologies, I shouldn’t assume these types of charts are self explanatory. It shows different genetic strains of covid discovered by date/by continent with a best fit evolutionary branching. It shows an incomplete snapshot of the evolution, via gathering of mutations, the virus underwent through April 2020. Here’s an example that breaks it down

@Sendgop @Pappadave do you guys understand it now? There is no y-axis per se, it’s different lineages of the virus

That is hilariously true!
Every time I chase a “link” from AS or CS the content is NEVER what they claimed and frequently destroys their own position :rofl:

True. I can make up a chart showing that liberals all supported Adolph Hitler during WW II, also. So what?

Does this mean you didn’t understand the chart demonstrating logged mutations of the Covid-19 genome?

NOBODY could “understand” that chart, Gene.

Refer to my post after it with the breakdown of how phylogenetic trees work. All I was trying to demonstrate was that yes covid does and has mutated

Say you. Your “chart” doesn’t make that clear at all. It merely asserts that mutations have occurred without proof of any sort.