An Embarrassing Button for Clinton - Gore Supporters

I just spotted this button for the 1992 Clinton - Gore presidential campaign. Since both of them were from southern states, it’s only natural that they would embrace the Confederate flag.

Would any of you “woke people” like to comment?

It appears to be fake, or at least not associated with the campaign itself. It’s been looked into previously

Might be real, might just be something someone random made and distributed.

No, it’s an offering from one of the major auction firms in the political items hobby.

Which firm?

Anderson Americana auctions n Ohio.

So now you are expert in political items? Just because this an embarrassment for your immovable political ideology, does not make it fake.

Sorry, not fake, just not distributed by the campaign itself.

I asked the auction house about it and they sent me this:

Me! Me! Me! I’ll do it!
Firstly this is three decades old. If we’re going to use something that old, George H W Bush should never have run for president because he had an embarrassment for a son. Apparently that’s something conservatives care about these days.

But yeah, despite that it is a pretty tasteless badge and should be condemned. And yet lefties at the time were criticising Clinton for exactly that. However, it is quite difficult (for me at least) to find archived footage pre fast internet. All I could find was well known conservative Michael Moore slamming Clinton over his pseudo-Confederate ideals:

Still, it’s worth repeating. It wasn’t a good look 30 years ago, it’s even more reprehensible now. It would be like if an Australian politician campaigned on the Stolen Generation history.

Just for the record, the presidential campaign organizations issue very few “official” buttons these days. Most pieces are “vendor buttons” which private firms issue on a for profit basis. This has been true all the way back to the 19th century. If you collected only the “official” campaign pieces, your collection would be very limited and boring.

As for the OP piece, there was a great deal of pride among the southern wing of the Democrat Party in 1992 that both Clinton and Gore had southern roots. Back then “the stars and bars” symbol did not have the negative connotations that the woke crowd has given it today. It was a symbol of regional pride.

It has only been recently where the use of “critical theory” as come into play that it has been totally discredited. The goal of the movement, which @Gene and @Patooka support, is to destroy our culture and replace it with whatever they have in mind.

I image that neither one of you can articulate what your new world order will be until you have gotten your instructions from the leadership or mob who tells you what is politically correct. Both of you display almost robotic support for the far left movement, and like the Democrats in Congress, near perfect party discipline.

Just say you don’t like the answers babe. It’s easier to type than rhetorical hyperbole.

I told the truth. You deal in lies and propaganda.

It is interesting to note that @Gene and @Patooka don’t live in the United States. Neither one of them is facing the consequences of Biden’s policies. Yet both think they are qualified to dictate how we should be forced to live our lives under a woke and corrupt U.S. Government.

I still vote in U.S. elections. I’m all set up for the midterms