An honest man of the Left -- all honor to him

There aren’t many, but there are a few. God bless them!

Here is one:

And he really is a Lefty:

But because he’s a real journalist and not a propagandist, the Left are now trying to freeze him out.

I’ve just subscribed to his newsletter, partly because I value honest reporting, Left or Right, but mainly because our side should support decent people on the Left who have the courage to defy the hyenas.

[Note: when I say there are not many honest people on the Left, I’m not referring to the rank and file, but to the ones with power, the journalists, social-media tycoons, administrators of universities, professors, etc. People who ought to know better, but are willing to lie. The rank and file of the Left, like the rank and file of the Right, are dependent on their prominent people to interpret reality for them. They may be the consumers of lies and nonsense (both sides) but they are not the originators of them.]

‘Useful Idiots’: Glenn Greenwald, Neera Tanden’s Confirmation Hearing - Rolling Stone

I’m very sorry, but it appears that you feel as though your existence is someone to fight against.

Last time I checked, I am not your enemy. I think you are a good guy. I am also LEFT, I am also someone who empathizes with antifa I pay American taxes. I pay Australian taxes. I am not happy wit the the whole paying taxes thing but I hope my my tax money is going to benefit citizens and not a seat comforter for the next x-2337483747235 that McDonnel/Douglas or Boeing have to sell (but they promise will have the factory in your state wink)

I’m very sorry, mate. But what you are raging against doesn’t exist. We are friends. I cannot articulate into words without getting banned my opinion on taxes. We can be friends on that.

Everyone pays tax. Taxes are real. The true argument is where the money goes.

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