An interesting and useful project for patriots

Is there anyone here, among the patriotic/conservative side, who would be interested in joining a group of us who are going to be doing internet research in the cause of liberty? It would involve putting in hours of your time doing web searches, copying and pasting. Nothing romantic – no James Bond stuff. But it could make a big difference to the patriotic cause.

If anyone is interested, PM me here, or, better, email and you can learn more about the project.

To what end, may I ask?
Are you making a website? A blog?
Are you training agent provocateurs to infiltrate social media?
What’s the deal.

The deal is this: a few dozen patriots willing to put in an hour or two a week doing various things could make a difference, maybe a big one, to the struggle now going on to rescue this country.

A. An example: when one of our own – like Steve Baca in New Mexico – was under attack, we needed to be able to do things like

(1) As soon as possible, send out professionally-constructed press releases directly to every local paper in the state of New Mexico, with his side of the story. These should have been the first time the papers heard about it, and there should have been daily follow-ups. We needed to dominate the news on this. But to do this, we needed a list of every local paper, its email address, and where possible, the names and email addresses of the paper’s journalists who cover political developments.

(2) We needed to send essentially the same information, with an appeal for help, to every patriotic group in New Mexico – every veterans group, every militia group, every Republican Women’s Club, every Republican legislator and Party staff member. We needed to try to form a Defense Committee for him, which could run the ongoing defense campaign, raise money via various means for his legal defense, etc.

(3) We needed to do the same thing, essentially, nationally: every patriotic website, blog, forum, organization should have been immediately informed about the case,and offered a ‘backgrounder’ information piece with facutal information to be drawn on so they could write about the case if they did not want to use our press release directly. And they should have been kept updated from week to week. The excellent interview with Michele Malkin [], bless her, should have been widely reproduced on line.

In New Mexico itself, it should have been printed up and piles of leaflets with it left in various public places and posted on bulletin boards.

(4) In addition to the official information sent to these sites, all of them which had comment sections in their news items, or forums (like this one), should have seen two or three people, long-time subscribers to the site in question, mentioning the case in their posts. His fund-raising website – here: – should have been publicized in their posts.

(5) When the scumbag Democrat district attorney decided to indict Steve for attempted murder, there should have been a huge outcry, including weekly pickets of the DA’s office. And these should continue so long as Steve is under threat.

The point of all this is to influence public opinion – becausd a jury is made up of members of the public. Having a slick lawyer is important, but these sorts of political cases need a political defense.

Almost none of this happened. If Steve had been a Leftie, it would have. They’ve had decades of experience defending the indefensible, getting criminals sprung from confinement – all through massive defense campaigns, which also built their movement. Read about the vile Angela Davis for an example.

Now, what would it have required to do what I mentioned?

Things like this: a mailing list (emails) of local newspapers and their journalists. The same for pro-American groups. The same for conservative and Libertarian websites, blogs, social media pages, etc.

This things are available, but it takes work to assemble them. Email lists of conservatives are valuable property and those who have them won’t give them away. (Many so-called conservative and patriot sites are purely money-making propositions, existing to get ads to sell you things like miracle cures for cancer and erection-extending pills. These are the sensationalist, conspiracy-theory ones: they don’t exist to educate the movement, but just to get clicks.)

I’ve already assembled a lot of this information for the state of Tennessee (on behalf of an acquaintance in the militia movement who is thinking of running for office there). It needs to be done for the other 49 states (and I have to finish the list for newspapers in Tennessee). That’s why I’m looking for help.

B. For something more James Bondish, have a look at Michael Bazzell’s book on Open Source Intelligence Techniques. [Here: ]. You can use your imagination about how a group of people who have, collectively, mastered the methods outlined in his book, could put that knowledge to work against the enemy.

As for ‘infiltrating social media’ – that sort of project – against the Left – was started over three years ago. It takes a long time to do, and you have to have the right people who can pass the vetting process that some groups in the Left do – they must be relatively young, and have no checkable past as Patriots , and they must be able to learn how to reproduce the Leftist world view and sound sincere about it.

But once you have some people who can do this, and you have a long enough time horizon, you can get your people up pretty high into the counsels of the enemy. It’s been remarkably successful. I won’t say any more, and I don’t know much more (and I am not involved in any central way, although I was an advisor, having a background in the Left and knowledge of their particular prejudices.). [I will say that for young males who undertake this work, especially if they appear reasonably fit and masculine – a contrast to a lot of the ‘men’ on the other side – one benefit is that Lefty women are easy, or so I was told.]

C. Our side, as well as the Left, has some pretty smart techies, – people who can write spiders, for example, or who are intimately familiar with White Hat Hacking, and could advise patriots on how to defend themselves from internet attacks. But so far as I know, they exist in isolation from each other. Not good. They need to be brought together to exchance tricks and tips, and to have their work co ordinated in the patriot cause. (Some of this has been done by some of the wealthy, well-funded conservative sites, who employ their own experts. But this technical expertise needs to be made available for free to the ‘poor relations’ on the Right, such as local militia groups.)

Anyway, lots of work to do and not much time to do it in. I’ve just read that a pro-Trump patriot was shot dead a few hours ago on the streets of Portland, and Antifa are crowing about it.

It’s coming. We have to be prepared.

Well, everyone should put their own special skills to the task. If this is yours, then Godspeed to you

Thank you. We need everyone, with whatever special talents, knowledge, resources they have, to fight the encroaching evil.

“Encroaching evil”?? Sorry babe, but it’s already here. If I weren’t so handicapped, I would LOVE to help out. I can pray for you guys, how’s that?


It’ll be easier to recruit if you already have a sharp looking website.
Also, once the website is done, hit up /pol/ on 4chan

If you can pound keys on a keyboard, you can do a LOT.

Of course, prayers won’t hurt, but I like the spirit of that
American revolutionary who said, “Put your trust in God, but
keep your powder dry.”

So how about praying, but also … I can tell what ‘also’ might consist
of in a PM, if you’re interested.

Thanks for the pol/4chan tip. I’m an ancient-of-days guy, so that whole 4chan etc milieu is alien to me.

But … our side has got to be there, in force: otherwise, we risk losing a chunk of the new generation to some very unpleasant people – the anti-Semites and white nationalists who are going after the ‘red-pilled’ young men. We’ve got to compete for them, and show what genuine, principled American-patriotic conservatism is, and offer a serious alternative to the dead-end of white nationalism.

So one of the things I’d like to see is a team of people who could, in a co ordinated way, make ‘raids’ into that territory. (Young people have the time, the energy, and idealism that has often worn away a bit in older people. All revolutions are made by people under 30.)

And you are absolutely right about the website, which cannot be a discussion forum (as this one is) but must be a co ordinating center for ongoing action. At the moment, the best I’ve found for doing what needs to be done is But they have just started up and are overwhelmed with things to do.

There are so many things we could do, now, to wage effective political war against the Left. We just need a few dozen people, working to a program of action, willing to put in an hour or two a week on the internet.

Sure! If there’s one thing I can do well, it’s typing! I’m not sure how to answer PMs on this site anymore. Why don’t you email me?


Will check it out. Thanks!