“An International Symposium on the Potential for Artistic Expression to Cross Cultura


I am a spammer.


AAANNNDDD THis means??? Just a money maker for the people who cranked this up?
Just remember there is NO CULTURE in politics. except the bacterial kind.


Spam and eggs, anyone?


I like fried spam and cheese sandwiches myself. I’ve never tried it with eggs.


In the immortal words of Monte Python: “But I don’t like spam.”
And wasn’t this done just a short time ago with slightly different wording? :wink:


Not sure, but I was sure no one would catch my MP reference. Careful, or you’ll give away your age.:howler:


LoL, Spam.


Twas a Monty Python reference.
Really is good for breakfast. Fry it real crispy, or use it in an omelet. I like to split a biscuit, top with spam and scrambled eggs, surround that with home fries and cover with a milk gravy.


Shoot, I’m late to this!


Whoops! :howler:


Now you’re scaring me. :freaked: :biggrin:




I don’t much care for Spam. And that’s about as gently as I can put it. :wink:


Hallo all,
Yeah, we have to get the word out about this symposium. We try to get diverse veiwpoints to come to our conferences. These conferences are to create a diologue between peoples, and we have constructive conferences bringing together different people. Our marketing can be quite tedious, but if your interested, please contact the head director and come and participate.
Ben, ICD team


I’m a Lumberjack and… Oops, wrong Python reference!


At least he was honest enough to call it spam the second time…


I didn’t like Spam at first. But, like most everything, I found ways to cook it that I enjoy. I don’t plan to buy it, but sometimes, I just do. Then, I look for ways to prepare it, that suit my family’s tastes. I don’t eat much bologna, either, but I like to slather a loaf with dijon mustard, pack the outside with dark brown sugar, and bake it at 250 for about 5 hours. Makes the best sandwiches.


Well, Spamnation! Two posts, two acts of spam … it’s a surprise the Mods haven’t yet sliced you from RO.

If your cause is so all bright and beautiful, don’t sully it by spamming it!


I expect a mod got to his post before you saw it.


Agreed. I’d prefer to apply quotes from the Dead Parrot Sketch at this joker instead …

Somebody feed him a cuttlefish …