An observation on free student birth control.

Apparently, Ohio students are going broke from having to pay for contraceptives. One female student is paying over $3000 over her three-year college life. Obviously, this means that someone needs to foot the bill lest she end up a struggling mom.

I have a question.
How is it possible to spend $3000 dollars in three years on birth control? That’s $1000 a year. To put that in perspective, a condom costs roughly $1 at CVS.
Now let’s suppose that she is really responsible (snrk). She may be using other forms of birth control. I’ll give her some slack and cut that total in half. So now she’s spending roughly $500 a year on condoms. Let’s see here… That’s 1.4 condoms per day; about 9 per week.

That’s not just slutty. That’s more like mega-super-ultra slutty supreme. Anyone who’s going broke from buying contraception should be able to write it off on their tax returns as a business expense.

I seriously seriously doubt that she is spending that money on condoms over better forms of birth control (I know you mentioned that, but I don’t think your numbers are right. But it’s cool to make judgments on people huh?

A lot of girls don’t even take birth control for sex. They take it for the lighter periods. I know plenty of virgins that take the pill.

On a side note. I looked through both links, the one you gave and this Dems Stage a Single-Witness which is the article he gave as “proof” but in the article that he gives in proof then it doesn’t say anything about her giving a $3000 calculation of birth control.

I suppose this coed is also suffering from STDs from her over active sex life.

Well, BOP, if you can suggest to anthony a non-judgmental way of saying that this female was lying and for sam to point out the disease risks she is assuming (Those diseases will change her precious lifestyle … a couple might even become her deathstyle! Oops! Was that “judgmental” of me to point out reality?!) do feel free to post it.

Even then there’s no way that birth control pills cost $1,000 per year (which isn’t expensive if you compare the cost of what it costs for food, cable TV, entertainment, etc.). That’s also without health insurance and includes doctor’s visit.

She’s the one who said in her testimony that it can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school for birth control and that people are going broke over the costs.

It’s ridiculous that she’s demanding that religious institutions be forced to provide birth control against their will.

Then there’s the obvious that keeps getting repeated, but the liberals can’t accept it - don’t want to get pregnant? don’t have sex! You can survive without it, and you will probably like yourself a whole lot better at the same time.

And most contraceptives don’t protect against STDs.

Spermicidal creams can be bought for between $5 and $10 a box. A box would last maybe 2-5 weeks? Even 3 boxes a month would be considerably less than $400 for a year. And wouldn’t have the potential complications of “The Pill”.

AFAIK, the one contraceptive method that offers some protection against some diseases is condoms. As Tim and Beverly LaHaye observed in The Act of Marriage, if 100 couples use condoms for contraception for a year, there is a word for about 15 of those couples … “Parents” … assuming, of course, that they didn’t have their child killed. Now consider what that says about condom usage and protection from disease … and the selling of condoms in the gay community as “Safe Sex”.

Of course, there is one contraceptive and prophylactic method that works every time it’s used consistently, but we’re supposed to laugh at and mock it.

An aspirin between the knees works best and cost the least.:grin:

Yeah, funny how SAFE SEX is ignored in this situation when they have been teaching it in schools for years…


None of my female relatives ever went broke paying for contraceptives in college that I know of.

Maybe because it is dependent on behavior, you think?

You might just have something there.

The entitlement generation. don’t you think? she expects the government to pay for her sexual adventures, her after care, her abortions, and her ??law degree??

Add’l comments. Too bad Rush decided to capitulate and apologize to this slut. And IF she is going at it that much, why goodness what a great business opportunity she is missing, proving she is not a very good business head. Wouldn’t trust her much as an attorney either.

Now you’re just speaking common sense. Heaven forbid we just don’t have sex. (said with sarcasm)

I can’t imagine birth control costs that much. It has been a while since I have needed but it seems crazy that it would jump that much. I didn’t have insurance when I was on the pill and it was $25 a month. That was back in the 90’s.

$8 a month at Target Pharmacy. Chlamydia treatments not included. :smiley:

How else is the left going to get as many people to vote for them if they don’t run into the problems of unplanned pregnancies and STDs and find out that they can’t pay for them on their own and have to whine to the government to have taxpayers pay for all of these problems?

On average a Condom cost $1 (if bought from a machine) so over a year she claims she uses 3000 condoms. 3000/365 = 8.21 condoms per day.

amazon has condoms listed at 100 pack for 12.99 with shipping. I’m not even doing the math here but I call BS.

I’ll say; it this girl is an absolute lying slut.