an old favorite revisited

Recently i was browsing in a lifelong favorite book, Lorna Doone. There is a little-known passage in it that i consider one of the loveliest passages in the English language. This nineteenth-century romance, actually set in seventeenth-century Exmoor, is the kind of comfortably long book that enables you to lose yourself in another world for a (long) while.

It’s about a protestant yeoman farmer, John Ridd, who falls in love with Lorna Dugal/Doone, grown up in a catholic outlaw band. their love is mutual, but Lorna’s outlaw band has friends in high places (has it been ever thus?) and she is whisked away to London to become accustomed to high society and claim an inheritance.

John feels that she is surely lost to him, until he finds hidden in a wall, a letter from her ending thus:

*"Of one thing, rest you well assured-- and I do hope that it may prove of service to your rest, love, else would my own be broken-- no difference of rank, or fortune, or of life itself, shall ever make me swerve from truth to you. We have passed through many troubles, dangers, and dispartments, but never yet was doubt between us; neither ever shall be. Each has trusted well the other, and still each must do so.

“Though they tell you I am false, though your own mind harbours it from the sense of things around and your own undervaluing, yet take counsel of your heart and cast such thoughts away from you. Being unworthy of itself, they must be unworthy also of the one who dwells there, and that one is, and ever shall be: your own Lorna Dugal.” *

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Beautiful passage at the end of your post.

Your phrase, “finds hidden in a wall” reminded me of the delightful movie Letters To Juliet.

Btw, if you have never had the pleasure of viewing Letters To Juliet, I highly recommend it. Its
a beautiful heart warming love story set to a cool soundtrack, really nice.

Two interesting points about Letters To Juliet:

Sophie accidentally discovers [hidden in a wall] an unanswered “letter to Juliet” by an English woman named Claire Smith from 1957, one of thousands of [letters] left at the fictional lover’s Verona courtyard that are typically answered by the “secretaries of Juliet”. [Jack note: And this starts the movie’s two romantic plots … we have 2 love stories going on in this movie … happy endings, both.]

Letters to Juliet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vanessa Redgrave as Claire Smith-Wyman, the girl who wrote the letter to Juliet 50 years before, and is hoping to find her Lorenzo.

Franco Nero as Lorenzo Bartolini, Claire’s love interest. Nero is Redgrave’s real life husband. Roger Ebert, having interviewed both Nero and Redgrave on the set of Camelot, noted how much of the love story between their characters is nearly autobiographical.[3]

Letters to Juliet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave, lovers in Letters To Juliet
and married lovers in real life too, reportedly.


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Btw, Vanessa Redgrave is the mother of Natasha Richardson (1963–2009) who played the role of Elizabeth “Lizzie” James in The Parent Trap.

Sadly, Natasha was killed in 2009 in a skiing accident.

Natasha Richardson on the right [with young Lindsay Lohan,] in this pic from
The Parent Trap.



I just now, for the first time, went and “caught up” with my reading of your posts, all the way back to your Intro thread
and after I finished reading basically all your posts, I feel that I must make a change in my post 9 here:

… where I said “so do me a favor and make at least 1000 posts BEFORE you even think about taking a vacation from RO.”

I am changing that to read, “so do me a favor and make at least 10,000 posts BEFORE you even think about taking a vacation from RO.”

Love your posts … very good stuff … enchanting, informative, beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, Christian, nothing not to like …


I just finished reading a good 95% of your posts … so …
…how is my memory? … lol …

“served two years in the Peace Corp yes that incubator of liberalism”__PR

“got MA in anthropology”__PR

"immersed for several years in social sciences and world history’__PR

“I used to play the piano”__PR

“went to grad school at Indiana University”__PR

“I was in grad school in early 70’s”__PR

“I lived in Kenya for 2 years”__PT

[made a reference to] “my catholic church”__PR

“I have no children”__PR

“Patricia Reed is my real name”__PR

“O yes I am a senior citizen”__PR

“I majored in literature as an under grad”__PR

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