Andrew Cuomo, the typical “progressive”

As more and more women come forward with accounts of how Andrew Cuomo has sexually abused them, we learn more about his book deal. While Andrew was wowing the press with his leadership during the pandemic and winning an Emmy in the process, he was using New York State resources to get his $4 million book deal done. He had staffers, who were paid by the State of New York, ghost writing and editing portions of his book while he was supposed to be devoting his total efforts to solving the state’s problems.

This is typical “Progressive Democrat” behavior. Get rich by peddling the influence you have with an elected state or Federal Government position while telling the people you are a great public servant who cares about them. The only person Andrew Cuomo cares about is himself, just like another pair of sponsored state grifters, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Well, the left has been trying to get him to resign for weeks now. He’s being stubborn about it, but surely won’t be re-elected. Nobody likes him on either side right now.

Now do Trump and Gaetz.

If Matte Gaetz is guilty of wrongdoing, throw him out of Congress.

Perhaps you can elaborate about what you want to do with Trump,. He has a thin skin, and that is his major flaw. He’s also never going to be elected President again. You don’t have worry about that. The only man who beat the odds was Grover Cleveland, and that was a special case because of his relationship with the New York Democratic Party machine, which changed from 1888 to 1892.

With Trump I’m referring to him having far more misconduct allegations, and even several sexual assault allegations. We have tape of him admitting to worse than Cuomo is being accused of. I want Cuomo gone, why didn’t you all try to get Trump to resign? Heck, voted for him even after the pattern was well established.

Furthermore, if that’s your stance on Gaetz, why not a similar one for Cuomo? He is currently under investigation as well.

Why didn’t I want Trump to resign? That would have made Pence president, who might have been more electable.

As it is, your party is attacking my hard earned retirement. You can’t leave people, who followed the rules, alone. You hate us, and want take what we have to put you in power forever.

What you have failed to learn is that one party rule leads to corruption, and a worse result for everyone concerned, including people of color and the poor, the people you say matter to you. Just look at where one party rule or dictatorship is in control. It is a disaster for all concerned except those in control and their cronies.

But have your way. There is no compromise in you, just as it is with all “progressives.” You won’t even listen.

After Cuomo leaves the New York Governor’s chair, whenever that is, watch him get a big job in the Biden/Harris administration. He’s part of the club, and politicians take care of each other. He does have a lot of “valuable experience” to offer the country as a “great public figure who has devoted his life to public service.”

Yea right!

Too bad they couldn’t be as zealous about going after him in regard to the nursing home death debacle, which is far more serious.

He said:

That is a similar stance.

Don’t count him in yet. He’s under investigation for both the nursing home death scandal (both the NY AG and the Feds are looking at that one), and the sexual harassment claims (by law enforcement, in at least one case). He could be looking at some felony counts. There’s plenty of basis for suspecting that he’s no longer a “useful idiot.”

Note that Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct has been far worse for him than the nursing home mismanagement. This shows where the “progressive values” are. The “progressives” care far more about unwanted sexual advances than the lives of the elderly.

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