Andrew Gillum’s platform: free government cheese, abolish ICE and impeach Trump


Yes! Gillum is trying to buy and election by offering free government cheese, e.g., government controlled and provided health care which is free for the lazy and unproductive, but not free for those who labor and produce the cheese.

He also wants taxpayers to pay for college tuition fees. But the irrefutable truth is, Gillum’s plan for taxpayer financed college tuition will be paid for by confiscating and redistributing the paychecks of millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.

This free cheese, snake oil salesman, Gillum, also wants to raise the nation’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, which has already proven to be devastating to many small business owners in cities adopting this socialist mandated wage, forcing them to let go of some employees, close down, or relocate in order to remain afloat. But the most troubling thing about a socialist dictated minimum wage is, it is an attack on people being free to mutually agree in their contracts . . . one of the fundamental attributes and hallmarks of a free market system.

And if you think Gillum respects, and will yield to the will of the people, the People’s Representative in Florida’s Legislature approved a ballot measure which would require a two-thirds “supermajority” of the legislature in order to enact any new taxes, which Gillum opposes. Socialist political leaders, like Gillum, Sanders and Cortez, do not support limiting their sinister desire to have an omnipotent power over taxation, and they reject any common sense limitation which may restrict their desire to spend your earnings. Under their watch you are nothing more than a tax slave, available to be gouged to finance their socialist whims and fancies and redistributions of wealth.

Gillum has also joined with the open border crowd and their determination to abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency [ICE], who, I might add, has been catching and deporting illegal entrants engaged in human trafficking, murder, rape, drug and gun running, not to mention ICE has been cleaning out local communities of MS-13 gang members who have been holding these towns hostage.

And let us not forget Gillum has appeared in a number of videos demanding that President Trump must be impeached, while suspiciously ignoring THE MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS he has achieved.

Finally, corruption occurring in Tallahassee during the Gillum Administration is, and has been, the focus of an FBI investigation for a number of years. The old saying goes, “where there’s smoke there must be fire.”


Socialism is intentionally designed to benefit politicians who confiscate and then redistribute “free government cheese”, while it punishes those who have produced the cheese.


Since Floriduh is mostly retirees and old people, I’ll be surprised if Gillum goes any further than Tallahassee.

But the question remains: How in the heck did this guy get elected in Tallahassee?

I’m not all that familiar with Floriduh. Is Tallahassee a millenial stronghold?


I don’t know exactly how Tallahassee works, but in Tampa and St. Pete, the mayoral elections are supposed to be "non-partisan.” None of the candidates are running as Republicans, Democrats or Independents. They are just candidates.

The usual person who gets elected mayor is a Liberal Democrat in sheep’s clothing. There are a lot of minority voters in the cities, and in St. Pete, at least, there is huge group of high net worth liberals and liberal gays. These are the people who elect the mayors. Maybe that’s how Gillum won in Tallahassee.

Gillum reflects the way the country is going. About 1/3 of the electorate say they are Socialists. Among the Democrats, the Graham woman was the “moderate.” She got about 30% of the vote. Gillum got 33%. Levine spouted a lot of Socialist stuff during the primaries and got about 20% of the vote. Greene, who is a George Soros type, worth over a billion dollars, also spouted Socialist garbage and got 10% of the vote. If he had gotten the nomination, he would have bank rolled the Democrats running in the state legislature to buy a majority for himself to get his agenda passed. I hope we won’t see him again.

In normal times, Gillum would have as much of winning this election as George McGovern did in 1972. His policies are those of an outlier. But now things have changed. I hope that there are enough retirees, including military retirees, who will turn the result, but there are more and more young fools down here who think that Socialism is cool.


Gillum’s “platform”, to the extent one can call it that, is open or no borders, free stuff for everyone except those who will have to pay for the “free stuff”, increased taxes on everyone except the recipients of the “free stuff”, impeach Trump and label anyone who disagrees with this “platform” a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe and an all around knuckle-dragging, gun toting, ethnocentric SOB who enjoys ripping children from the arms of those “undocumented” immigrant parents entering the US only to be victimized by ICE agents - ICE agents who are thugs working within an agency that must be abolished

I don’t think Gillum’s views are those of an outlier. To the contrary, I think Gillum reflects the true/real views of most Democrats - Democrats who are loath to allow the depth of their angst/contempt for America to be fully revealed. So-called “moderate Democrats” are few and far between, if they still exist at all.

In other words, I think Gillum is a modern day, mainstream Democrat who has simply come out of the closet…