Andrew McCabe, Ex-F.B.I. Official, Will Not Be Charged in Lying Case

Welcome to Venezuela!

It’s another example of a Democrat getting of Scott-free. The double standard in Washington is so blatantly obvious it’s sticking. This guy gets to thumb his nose at the authorities for two years on CNN, and now he gets away with using the FBI to influence elections.

We are headed toward a police state. It’s going happen once the Democrats get control of the Whitehouse again. This decision tells them, “It’s okay. Go ahead and use the FBI and the Justice Department to get the election results you want.”

In the mean time they are ready to send Roger Stone to jail for nine years. He lied to Congress, but McCabe did too.

but that doesn’t apply to the durham investigation.

The problem here is pretty simple. You CANNOT impanel a Grand Jury in DC (or anywhere around DC) that will find ANY Democrat indictable for any crime or that will NOT indict ANY Republican for the same offense it’ll allow a Democrat to skate on.

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Sorry, but I have little faith in the Durham investigation. The Republicans might talk a good game, but Washington insiders from both parties take care of each other. Letting McCabe skate is just the beginning. All of the Democrat bureaucrat wrongdoers will skate. They live by different rules than you and I do.

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I just keep praying that God will restore justice in this nation.

That will be a bloody process, I’m afraid, so I’m not so eager.