Andrew Yang is the Ron Paul of 2020


I never said that, I said because illegals who get welfare then go ahead and start businesses and get jobs under the table without having to charge a rate that reflects the cost of living and because they are allowed to ignore all of the draconian regulations that citizens who are legitimate must follow; they force the citizens to either flee for a place with a smaller illegal immigrant population or go on the dole and try to get away with breaking the same laws that the illegals break.

You consistently try to claim I am arguing the pop tart analysis that your cut and paste philosophy is designed to refute; that will never change the fact that you have no response for my actual argument.


This is the solution to both overspending on the military and medicare. The thing is, we can do literally everything we do right now in both fields for a LOT less money because there is so much waste in those areas. There are so many inefficiencies it’s unreal.

You can cut about 1/2 of healthcare spending without changing quality at all - though this has to be forced onto the entire system not simply handled by government spending. Medicare already only compensates at 60% rates and can’t really further cut direct spending. But it can alter end of life care, eliminate the insurance waste layer, and eliminate medical caregiver gate keeping/bottlenecking as well as changing extended hospice/nursing home care.

The military is even worse. The R&D side is third world banana republic levels of corrupt. To say nothing of the insane bureaucracy that governs it.


Yet Americans do this too; Detroit is rife with it.

You’re trying to make this seem like immigrant behavior, but I’m not seeing the evidence for that.

This is charlatan behavior, which happens when regulations are too strict.

Thus, the solution is to deregulate.

Right back at you; your position is to strengthen the Gov’t’s position in this, when they’re the ones causing the problem in the first place.

If you instead chew out more of the administrative state, this goes to the margins.


“He did it too …” hasn’t worked for me since the second grade.


You didn’t follow. RET’s trying to say illegals are getting some sort of special treatment.

But If Americans running under-the-table are getting the same or better treatment, he’s wrong.

There’s no denying that.

Rampant Charlatanism is caused by overwrought regulatory environments. That’s the point.
If you want less of it, you deregulate. That’s the solution.


No, that isn’t what he was saying. Read it again:


Yes it is:

He’s said multiple things, just like this. Reinventing the argument now won’t hide what he said here.

My argument stays where it is; this happens because the market is overregulated.

Charlatanism becomes widespread, because regulations created a gap in the market that charlatans fill.
Regulations don’t make demand go away. Only the legality of the business/person who fills it.


Detroit does not subsidize ONE segment of the work force and tell the rest of the work force who is competing for THE SAME JOBS that they must pay their competitions subsidy AND find a way to work for the same rate as their subsidized competion.

And thank you for proving that you have no argument that is even remotely coherent to my position, now you can return to all of the turn of the century non comparable comparisons and the pre welfare “Brasero” BS with a touch of argument quotations from dead economists who never addressed or even considered the circumstances that your Party has manufactured in our time.


And see you claim that’s “just” illegals; I don’t buy that.

What is happening in Detroit is happening in California.

You created a niche for the black market to fill by overregulating yourselves.

You’re telling this to someone with illegals coworkers. Who has in fact competed with them for jobs.

If you’re telling me to be envious of them, I’m going to kindly tune you out RET.

Envy narratives are obnoxious, and can go hang.

Yet you repeated it.

Once again, you make the claim about “something” holding illegals above the rest, when nothing points to that happening. Americans & legals who work under the table get the same or better treatment.