Anonymous Against Trump!

Dear Suh,
In response to my previous supposition, to whit: that the sure sign that Donald Trump is the best bet for President is because the Lunatic Fringe are attacking him, I have now received confirmation that I is backing the right boy. The Cyber Group of Hackers “Anonymous”, have declared war on Mr Trump. That pretty much seals it for me.
And as this is “CONSPIRACY CORNER”, it makes me wonder if the GUY FAWKES GUYS are watching THIS site???!?? Oh,dear! I may be monitored right now! They can (supposedly) hack into stuff and place their own version and perversion of the facts anywhere! **
I could be labeled as a DEMOCRAT! A member of the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church or like that! My previous positions (***See under Kama Sutra)***may be revealed and destroy my credibility with the RIGHT and the constituents of my fair state! **

The Senator:embarrese

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“Anonymous Declares War on Trump” = “Some Random Guy on Internet Declares War on Trump”

Anonymous isn’t a thing. It’s a “group” randos in their mom’s basement say they’re a part of on the Internet. The media just keeps pretending like it’s a real thing.