Anonymous Declares War Against Donald Trump


And now it gets interesting! Already, it looks like Trump has been partially Doxxed.


Anonymous stopped being effectual over a decade ago, all this likely means is that a couple 1,000 pizzas will be ordered for his campaign at some place he isn’t.


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I think dropping his social security number and other personal info is a bit more serious than ordering some pizzas.


I see Trump’s website is up again. What does Anonymous have in store next?


If this weren’t so perilous for our future…I mean, the low-quality of our two Name Brand party candidates…if it weren’t for that, this would be comedic farce.


Perhaps, but it’s still small potatoes. They’re not executing hits on people, or siphoning off large parts of his campaign funds.


That’s why I wondered if this was really Anonymous or not. Usually Anonymous gets it done without much fanfare and keeps it done.