Anonymous ‘Rape Victim’ Cancels Press Interview


The anonymous rape victim who had filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump was supposed to come out today and detail her case against him.
She is represented by Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred, the woman who in an email promised to do ‘everything I can to make sure a Democrat is elected in 2016’.
Virtually every media outlet has passed on this story because of the dubious nature of the claim. One of the main reasons was they can’t even begin to check out the claim because no one knows the alleged woman actually is.

Anonymous ‘Rape Victim’ Cancels Press Interview | Weasel Zippers

Even the media was not buying the latest gambit to smear Trump


If I were “Trump” rich I would sue every single person that claimed something & then backed out. Sure I’d lose money on it but my purpose would succeed & that purpose would be to make sure that they don’t financially recover for the rest of their life. Sadly nobody does that these days & because of it there really isn’t a drawback to suing anyone for anything. We also need to change our laws so that it can’t happen anymore.


Herman Cain had the women investigated who accused him and found they had been paid.


Surprised anyone???

There is NO LIMITS for the Dims in what they will do or say…ends justify the means…


I’m not, she mentioned she started to receive threats if she moved forward with the lawsuit. It’s fairly common to threaten rape victims to keep them quiet. Also not surprised she was trying to keep her identity quiet… victim shaming and abuse is a very very common thing.


She is as phony as a $3 dollar bill.

Here is some HARD FACTS. This is America, home of the FREE LAWSUIT.

Joe wanted to compete in an iron man competition. His old fridge was sitting in the back yard since it did not work. He bought a set of replacement seat belts for a car. She strapped them around and around his back and he took off on a run hauling the fridge on his back strapped on by some car seat belts. Belts came lose, fridge slid dropped won on his legs and broke them.

He sued the seat belt mfg and the company the made the car the seat belts fit.

He won, large cash settlement and all his doctor bills paid.

Woman that get some kind of sexual what ever from ‘elevator eyes’ to a grab on the butt and if its done by some kind of high powered and WEALTHY man, they walk away with a pile of cash time and time again because its so easy to do.

She canceled because even her ‘seat belt’ lawyer told her she had no case…


A bit of an update - plus some history - from late this past week:

Woman suing Trump over alleged teen rape drops suit, again

> The accuser’s lead attorney, Thomas Meagher of New Jersey, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. He filed a one-page notice dismissing the case Friday evening in federal court in Manhattan. No explanation was given for the action.
> (Lisa) Bloom did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.
> …
> Two earlier suits were filed over the same alleged events.
> The first suit over the alleged rapes was filed in federal court in Riverside, California, in April by someone acting without an attorney and using the name “Katie Johnson.” That suit named both Trump and Epstein as defendants, alleging that the two men held Johnson as a “sex slave” and repeatedly forced her to engage in sexual acts against her will.
> …
> Another version of the suit was filed in federal court in June, but withdrawn in September after apparently never being served on the defendants.
> The case was refiled later that month.

Her first lawsuit was dismissed for, among other things, using a false address. My guess is that in this third iteration “Thomas Meagher of New Jersey” or his staff must’ve used the "E-Word" (Evidence) in her presence. And/Or maybe pointed to a calendar and handed her an envelope containing a few portraits of Benjamin Franklin.

All these claims have one thing in common: they have aspects that make fact-checking difficult. The most common such aspect is that they are placed 20-40 years in the past. How many people can come up with even rudimentary documentation and witnesses of the plane trip they took or the concert they attended 20 or 30 years ago? This case adds an annoymorous accuser who claims to fear Donald Trump, even though she, apparently, lives a continent away (assuming she even exists), in a somewhat out of the way part of CA (San Bernardino and Riverside Counties). But whoever crafted some of the false accusations was careless: the airline story placed the incident on a plane type the cited airline never owned or flew on the route cited (the actual plane used on that route, the Boeing 727, would NEVER be mistaken for a Boeing 707, which the accusation called out). The concert groping accusation cites venue, date, and artist, but that artist didn’t do a concert in that venue on or near that date. Whoever crafted this alleged female’s story took a different tack in preventing fact-checking - annoynymity.

Recognize the patterns in the Trump accusations:

  • Placement of incidents in time-frames that make fact-checking and response difficult;

  • Seeming incidental details added to the stories to add credibility that are, despite the distance in time, found to be false.

And connect those dots. These are counterfeit 3-dollar bills!

Recognize the patterns in accusations against R candidates for the past 3 Presidential elections:

  • In 2008 Sen. McCain was falsely accused - by the New York Times! - of having an affair with a reporter;

  • In late 2011 Herman Cain dropped out of the race due to not wanting to deal with false accusations of sexual harassment;

  • In 2016 Trump has been falsely accused of sexual assaults.

This pattern demonstrates that false accusations against R candidates is a chapter in the Ds’ Presidential campaign playbook, not random coincidence.

Speaking of tactical patterns: Goldwater was accused of being ready to start WW3; Reagan was accused of being a loose cannon who would start a nuclear war; The SHREW and her operatives are claiming Trump is so stupidly bellicose that he’ll start a war with Russia.


BEAR IN MIND: 1) She made the claim (news story),2) she FILED SUIT (MORE news story)…3) she dropped suit, very little news story.

1 & 2 did the damage, 3 did NOT UNDO the damage…


This country is kind of interesting. Your innocent until proven guilty yet guilty if accused of rape or anything with a minor. Once your accused of either of those 2 things, your basically screwed. I guess that it goes along with people believing that where there’s smoke there must be fire. Thinking about it say some female (that I don’t know) picked a date 2 years ago at random & said that I raped her on that date. There is no way that I could clear myself because I wouldn’t know what I did that day or even where I went. I think most people are like that. Now of course in cases of rape the guilty party needs to go to jail (if nothing stronger). But there is a fine line that has to be walked.
Another thing comes to mind. Cases where the girl (usually it’s a girl but it could be a boy) wants to have sex but is under age by a month. Is that rape? How about if the age of consent is 18 (& she is 17) & 3 miles away is the state line & on the other side of that line the age of consent is 17? I know that these are fine lines but sometimes they do come into play & you have to look at each case on it’s own.
Like I said in another post somewhere. A guy was turned down for a job because he was on the sex list (whatever it’s called). The girl he molested years before was his then wife.
The sad thing is that anybody can claim anything & not fear any future action taken against them. Claim a false rape & really no actions are going to be taken against you. Kind of sad because something like that can really hurt someone that’s innocent.


That’s because most people on both the far Left and the far Right are extremely sex negative. They tend to be sex shaming in general. Then you add something that actually is bad to their general dislike of sex, and they lose their minds, going absolutely apoplectic. Partially because even if the rape part turns out to be untrue, it’s still horrible because sex in general is a terrible, evil thing.

The feminist and her rape whistle bears a strong resemblance to most Bible thumping fathers who warn their daughters that men can’t be trusted and are only about one thing. They both view women as sexually innocent and without desire, and men as predators who are potentially violent. So it’s no surprise when this sort of culture crops up.

Both sides view sex as fundamentally bad in most cases, and that dangerous lustful men are waiting around every corner to violate defenseless women. So of course they jump to “It must be true!” at an instant. Their world is filled with sexual shadows, so they see demons everywhere.


Ifher identity is unknown and she is known only as jane doe then how can she receive death threats.

See. this is very common with democraps. They do not think these things through. They’ve gotten away with this stuff for decades with the medias’ help. We aren’t as stupid as they think we are but…let’s let them keep thinking that shall we.


Looks like RO is BACK!