Anonymous Takes Down Thousands Of ISIS Twitter Accounts


Defying expectations, the loose-knit online group Anonymous has landed a blow against the Islamic State’s online presence.

After ‘declaring war’ on ISIS this weekend, the amorphous hacking collective reports that over 5,500 ISIS-affiliated accounts on Twitter have been exposed and taken down.

Since the weekend, Anonymous have been tracking down the Twitter accounts of ISIS supporters, compiling them in online documents, and reporting them to Twitter for suspension. While it is hard to verify the 5,500 figure, online lists seen by Breitbart Tech suggests that the number of ISIS accounts suspended as a result of Anonymous’ efforts number in the thousands.

Anonymous Takes Down Thousands Of ISIS Twitter Accounts | Weasel Zippers

We need to stop the interaction and communication of these terrorists. This is one step and coupled with cutting off funding channels to these individuals and groups will go a long way to uncutting the march of ISIS.

Putin has been working with various nations who are joining in the fight to stop the advance unlike us. According to an article the other day I read we send 8 sorties of planes out and drop no bombs most of the time. It appears obama has rules of engagement where the military is not allowed to inflict collateral damage.