Anonymous Threatens ISIS With ‘Major Cyber Attacks’ Following Paris Terror Tragedy


Go get them!


I expect those jerks will end up doing more harm than good.


If they can do more harm than what these radical ISIS are doing than we all have a problem, I have never heard of them bombing innocents or firing ak47’s on a concert.

I may not respect these types of hacker cowboys but there are 250,000 dead and millions displaced in the Middle East alone, this requires a global effort, regardless of the source. There is way too much at stake here.

If you don’t believe me, CNN reported that the American military are speaking with and coordinating a strategy with the Russian military. Would you ever believe this would happen in your lifetime? This threat is above politics or geo political state differences, this is akin to aliens attacking the world, it’s time for some global unity on an issue.


Um, I’m thinking he’s saying that what they intend to do will only end up encouraging the jihadis. And I’m inclined to agree.


Actually what I am thinking is that western intelligence services have almost certainly hacked the ISIS websites and anonymous will probably just interfere with their efforts.


It’s not as if the war against them has discouraged them at this point. Blowing up a Russian plane, two attacks in France within a year or so, 250,000 dead in the M.E, millions running for freedom, videos of beheading, billions of dollars in oil revenue by some estimations.

Get them any way possible. If some can be put on trial, even better, but get them and expose them.


We needn’t “expose” anyone. The only way to defeat these animals is to KILL 'em. If they “yearn” to go to “paradise” to be with Mohammed. I say let’s arrange the meeting for them.


They don’t give a damn about being put on trial. "The horror! The horror! … Exterminate all the brutes!”


We need more to do than kill them. Cut off their web sites. Cut off their funds. Expose returning fighters to authorities.

The authorities can round up known members like Cair and the muslim brotherhood. Shut down mosques. One site claimed there are 30 muslim training areas in this country. Shut them down

Right now it looks like Ryan is on board for admitting terrorists by funding them.


Yes, but propaganda is a huge tool, no better way than to counter this propaganda. Contact the people they are trying to reach out to and recruit, expose them for their lies and abuses, embarrass them for their petty personalities and their own war against moderates.


What about the Constitution? Should the government shut down churches led by pastors who oppose same sex marriages?


Pastors who oppose same-sex “marriages” don’t enjoin their flocks to go out and kill anyone–or encourage them to travel to Syria to fight on the side of ISIS, or go to Yemen for bomb-making school and come home to blow stuff up.


I understand your view of religious freedom depends on whether the religion is Christian or Muslim. Still, regarding your call to shut down mosques - what about the Constitution?


There are many Muslim training sites in US prisons. The Imams go in there for - supposedly - spiritual encouragement, but all they do is recruit and train terrorists.


Recruiting and training jihadists isn’t a “religious practice” but a POLITICAL one–not to mention a criminal one. Aren’t you one of those who think politics should be removed from churches and their tax-free status withdrawn if they engage in politics?


When Christian churches start advocating for the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic and the imposition of Sharia law, I’ll start advocating for the shut-down of Christian churches, too.


If they are a radical mosque and if the preacher is not a citizen then grab him and fly him back to his country of origin without worrying too much over legal niceties. Heck Kennedy did it to Carlos Marcello.


Even “religious freedom” in this country has limits. Do you believe it includes “honor killings”? And I think, too, when the first amendment was written,they were not thinking about things like pagan religions, or Islam with all its accoutrements. The people who had migrated to the new world were virtually all Christian, and our fledgling government believed in the God of Christianity, and they were making sure that there would not be a state church to force everyone to have the same “version” of Christianity. Had they anticipated what is happening now, it would surely have been addressed in the Constitution. Had they been aware of the way modern people would twist their words, they would have made many parts of it more specific. On the other hand, they did say what kind of a nation they were writing it for. We are no longer that kind of nation.


The Constitution’s guarantee of religious liberty applies to Muslims just as much as it does to Christians. It’s mind-boggling to see the same conservatives who insist on a strict construction of the Constitution now implying the Founders didn’t really mean it when the subject is the First Amendment and Islam.


Unless they’re giving material aid to a violent cause; we don’t have the right to shut them down merely for hate speech.

Hate speech =/ violence, we shouldn’t be like the Left about this.