Another bold faced lie or sign of incompetence. Take your pick


For all of those that say Trump doesn’t lie…Here is another egregious example of how he lies (for the sake of his base) to people who will never fact check him, which of course he knows which is why he lies so much.

And here’s the link to the audio recording of the WH official who gave the info.

Lying about what the media reports are just a way that Trump shamefully manipulates his base.

I’m ready, how are you Trump supporter going to explain away yet another example of a corrupt President?


Uh… why is it corrupt, and not just lazy, or ignorant of details?

Nothing implicated here is about money or power; it’s details on if and when & where the Noko meeting can happen.


It is possible that he’s speaking from ignorance, I admit. However, either he’s lying and he knows exactly what his source the the WH said and he’s simply lying about it knowing the Fox news reporting on the topic will be light at best or this is just another example of how innept he and this administration are.

But I don’t believe for one second that he’s not simply lying. His credibility is shot. We know he’s done things like this in the past. It’s completely consistent with his character.


It’s an opportunity for him to drive an even deeper wedge of mistrust between the right and news sources that are critical of Trump. I haven’t read all of Machiavelli (read: sarcasm), but I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t right of the playbook. Lie to discredit those that oppose you.


So he’s using the media’s own tactics against them? Heh, good. About time somebody not of leftist persuasion figured it out. Talk to me when he’s throwing them in jail, or having them assassinated. Until then, you’re just whining because he’s not playing by a set of rules the left cheerfully ignores when it suits them.