Another example of playing the race card


Thanks for the clarification.


Well, I’m totally confused…


Oh hi, you seem reasonable.


Ummm…I could be wrong, but it seems to me thejoshb was being sarcastic. But, I could be wrong!!


I was not being sarcastic. And I am extremely reasonable. Killing other people in cold blood is never acceptable. Whether the person is clinically considered insane or not is absolutely no excuse. They killed a person in cold blood. In order to do that, you have to be screwed up in the head. There is no way you can rehabilitate nor medicate an insane person and turn them into a productive member of society. Therefore, excecute them and save the tax payers of the country the millions of dollars it will cost to house, feed, medicate and provide a phyciatrist everyday to ask them how they feel.

If you can’t understand that then you must be very “reasonable”. Bleeding hearts do no good for people who enjoy making hearts bleed.


Ok…I misunderstood your meaning. And I agree with a lot of what you had to say. My only point was that I wasn’t sure if your post was serious or not. It wasn’t clear to me. I am far from a bleeding heart. I am absolutely for the death penalty. You said: **“In order to do that, you have to be screwed up in the head.”**I believe that is what the discussion is about. Being “screwed up in the head” is the excuse many try to use to manipulate the court to get away with murder. If you read what I wrote earlier, I said that I do not agree with any kind of “insanity” pleas except for very, VERY rare cases. Hope that clears up my being a “bleeding heart.” :banghead:


I wasn’t referring to you on the bleeding heart thing. I was meaning the other guy. Im pretty much extremely black and white. Like I can understand people being killed on accident and I can even understand the act of passion somewhat. I do not however believe that at any point in time “insanity” is an excuse for killing people. Period. And I’m sick of people getting away with it because they are “insane”.


Thanks for the clarification…and welcome to this forum! I hope you find lots of topics to discuss with us!


No problem and thanks for the welcome. You guys will have your work cut out for you since you mentioned earlier that you thought I may have been being sarcastic. I am very sarcastic and also extremely blunt. Which one will it be in my posts? Who knows. Muwahahahahahaha


Well, I think you’ll also find many folks here who have those same talents! Again, welcome aboard!


Some of us also have access to this neat emoticon:


That just makes it too obvious. Though I like it.


Well, although once you get to “know” a person, you can usually tell if what they say is sarcasm, but I’m of the opinion that we want to make ourselves as clear as possible, because on the internet, you can’t read facial expressions or body language, and we are trying to communicate with one another, aren’t we?


Excellent point, Susanna. I’ve made a few comments here that were taken wrong because I didn’t use an emoticon.


I’ve been taken literally when I’ve been sarcastic and had tiresome enough, “What I really meant was …,” conversations that I frequently use [sarcasm] “sarcasm” [/sarcasm] tags.


Ok…I’ll give it a try. [sarcasm]I think the president is a swell guy.[/sarcasm]


Is this sarcasm thing supposed to show some kind of emoticon?


No; it’s like a phony equivalent of (QUOTE) (/QUOTE) (except with brackets instead of parenthesis); like if I were to say:

[Obamabot mode]Obama is the best thing that ever happened to our economy![/Obamabot mode] Followed by: :vomit-smi

I used to do things with fake IMG tags. Something like:

smiley riding a bicycle in reverse

to denote backpedaling, for example.


You are just full of creativity, aren’t you?? [smiling eye-wink][/smiling eye-wink]


Sarcasm tags are an obvious enough idea that I assume others have come up with the idea independently, but I came up with it and started doing it on a homeschooling discussion board that had a few antagonistic members who seemed to delight in jumping on sarcasms, hyperboles, ambiguities and unqualified general statements. Part of wry humor, in that context, was that the board used really clunky home-brew forum SW that did not have the ability to represent emoticons. At the time (late 90s - early 00s), it was the most active discussion board on the Internet for homeschoolers. Now it’s moribund and still uses the same SW. My opinion is that part of the reason it is dying was those snarky members. It wasn’t the only game in town, and if the same support and knowledgeable advice could be found on another, less snarky board. Its home-brew SW may have contributed to the decline, as (besides the dated look and feel and lack of features) the board got hacked to Hades once or twice in the 00s.