Another illegal kills his 15 yo pregnant Texas girlfriend

Via Free Beacon:
The Obama administration began the process last year of granting legal status to an adult illegal immigrant from Mexico with a criminal background who federal agents tried deporting twice and is now accused of killing his 15-year-old girlfriend.

Armando Garcia-Ramirez, 36, has been charged with murdering his teenage girlfriend from Texas, who local reporters identified as Jennifer Delgado, the Washington Times reported Tuesday.
The ex-couple had a one-year-old child and Delgado was nine months pregnant with another when she was killed. Garcia-Ramirez was reportedly Delgado’s stepfather at one time and may have been when he impregnated her.

Federal authorities apparently missed this relationship last year when Garcia-Ramirez was arrested for smuggling five other illegal immigrants into the United States. Prosecutors did not pursue the case, according to the Times, and Garcia-Ramirez went free after making bond. He was approved for a worker permit months later, which made him eligible for taxpayer benefits. Coloh me supprised.

nothing wrong there, he can go to a sanctuary city and walk the streets a free man and a hero. 2 illegals raped a 14 yr old girl the boys bathroom up in Maryland and the state announced the next day they were passing legislation to make Maryland a sanctuary state, that way they can protect the illegals who won’t to murder and rape WOMEN.

The school is trying to protect the 2 illegals over the 14 yr old girl…had 2 illegals raped my 14 yr old sister at school, my dad would have shown up with a GUN

Md. Governor calls out MCPS’ ‘lack of cooperation’ in Rockville High rape case - Story | WTTG

Md. Governor calls out MCPS’ ‘lack of cooperation’ in Rockville High rape case

  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan blasted Montgomery County Public Schools officials Tuesday, demanding that the district turn over information about what led to the rape of a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom at Rockville High School last week.

So far, Montgomery County officials have refused to provide information to both the governor’s officer and the state Board of Education. It’s rare to hear Governor Hogan as angry as he was about this story. He is angry, and he says it’s with good reason.

It’s been five days since the rape took place at Rockville High School. The public often has to press for answers from public officials, but in this case, Governor Hogan says he is beyond frustrated—just like everyone else. As he watched coverage of the story on FOX 5 Monday night, he shared many of the same questions we posed about the attack, but the public weren’t alone in not getting responses.

Like in Germany and Sweden, the general public is learning the hard way that government-media willful blindness and cover-up have painful consequences.

Every govt involved with immigrants LIES, covers up, denies and feeds the public a load of CRAP!

even our own. Look at Maryland. Protecting illegal criminals rather than the girl they raped in the school restroom. The men’s attorney last nite said that the 14 year old girl consented to sex. Bastards. The police say differently.

14 yr old cannot consent, no matter what…

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One line of bull we hear from the “progressives” is that they too are in favor of deporting violent illegal aliens. They say that until there is a incident in which one of them is guilty of a violent act, and then they circle the wagons around him or her. “Oh think of their family.” the “progressives” proclaim.

What the victim their family? Do they have any rights? Nope. No in the world of globalism and “progressivism.” If you are a U.S. citizen you have less rights than an illegal alien in a sactuary cirty or state.

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If and illegal rapes you 14 yr old daughter and murders you other daughter by shooting her in the head and you live in a state where there is a death penalty for such crime as murder and there is a sanctuary county/city, the illegal can request trail back in his own country under their rules or request he be sent home to service out his sentence. There he might find rape only carries a 3 mo jail term if any. When its over, he comes BACK to the US, AGAIN!

what is the sense in that? All of us can see it…why can’t our so-called leaders. Is this not current?

Psalm 58Living Bible (TLB)
[SUP]1-2 [/SUP]Justice? You high and mighty politicians don’t even know the meaning of the word! Fairness? Which of you has any left? Not one! All your dealings are crooked: you give “justice” in exchange for bribes.[SUP][a][/SUP]

[SUP]3 [/SUP]These men are born sinners, lying from their earliest words!

[SUP]4-5 [/SUP]They are poisonous as deadly snakes, cobras that close their ears to the most expert of charmers.
[SUP]6 [/SUP]O God, break off their fangs. Tear out the teeth of these young lions, Lord.
[SUP]7 [/SUP]Let them disappear like water into thirsty ground. Make their weapons useless in their hands.[SUP][b][/SUP]
[SUP]8 [/SUP]Let them be as snails that dissolve into slime and as those who die at birth, who never see the sun.
[SUP]9 [/SUP]God will sweep away both old and young. He will destroy them more quickly than a cooking pot can feel the blazing fire of thorns beneath it.
[SUP]10 [/SUP]The godly shall rejoice in the triumph of right;[SUP][c][/SUP] they shall walk the bloodstained fields of slaughtered, wicked men.
[SUP]11 [/SUP]Then at last everyone will know that good is rewarded, and that there is a God who judges justly here on earth.

Caroline, they see it, but they are “People of the Lie”*

  • First scientific analyis of evil by a MD, Dr Scott Peck MD. One of the most frightening books I have ever read, because it was TRUE…