Another lefty movie goes BOOM


You have to feel a little sorry for Robert Redford, don’t you? He just released a feature film asking audiences to reconsider their harsh feelings about the Weather Underground, which set off bombs, killed police officers, and robbed banks for more than a decade of domestic terrorism, but who were just misunderstood people acting on their deeply-held beliefs about justice. Unfortunately for Redford, a couple of misunderstood kids did the same thing at the Boston Marathon ten days after the film opened. So far, Redford’s paean to leftist terrorists and murders hasgrossed only $3.5 million since its limited April 5th opening, and in the last two weeks, its wide distribution has only made $1.9 million:


N]( matter how many times the left puts out their revisionist history or glorifying liberal murders or other murders, their attempts fail at the box office.


I’m sure a few of the RO members can’t wait to spend their money on such a masterpiece.


I don’t know how far off the deep end he was before, but I think I just heard a great big loud THUNK.


The Liberal policies flop at the box office but have somehow been able to elevate 15 men to the office of President of the United States.


I’m curious who those 15 are. Counting all Ds back to Wilson would be only 8. The likes of LBJ, JFK and FDR were at most partially in line with modern liberalism. And Wilson even less so.

The problem with message movies - of any kind - is that they easily become heavy-handed MESSAGE movies. In trying to deliver the MESSAGE a story whose plot and characters viewers might care about gets lost.