Another ObamaCare co-op folds, leaving only 6 remaining


Another ObamaCare co-op folds, leaving only 6 remaining | Fox News

Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey is folding after the state’s insurance commissioner put the Obamacare co-op in “rehabilitation” due to its hazardous financial condition.

The co-op had a liability of $46.3 million under the Affordable Care Act’s risk adjustment program, according to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. That program was designed to transfer money between insurers in case one insurer had more costly enrollees
“Despite our hard work and growing customer base, the unfortunate necessity for complying with the [Affordable Care Act’s] risk adjustment mandate has put the company under considerable financial strain,” said Tom Dwyer, the co-op’s CEO.

The closing will force 35,000 customers served by the New Jersey co-op to find a new plan in 2017.
The co-op was initially awarded $107.2 million in taxpayer-funded loans in 2012 and received an additional $1.9 million in 2013.


Fewer and fewer choices. The cost of health insurance continues to rise. Every promise we knew to be hollow in the first place is, as most of us around here predicted, empty, an impossible fantasy shoved upon us by socialists.


I’ve been saying for the last decade how important it is for Canada to create a two tiered system. I believe this because it benefits those who can afford it and those who cannot. I was generally looked upon by other Canadians as some sort of anarchist, “how dare you question the government or how things are!”. As it is now, the system is extremely strained and everyone has longer delays than needed. The rich go to the U.S and pay for quick service anyways, why not create a two-tier system and have them relieve the public system here in Canada?

I would still demand basic service for all of us “normal” folks. However, if someone has the means, let them pay for it themselves at a private institute, to me it’s a win/win. In general; government systems will never outperform and offer better and broader services than private business. The more the government meddles in the free market, the more you will see inefficiencies and failed businesses.

I don’t know the answer to the U.S system but I can tell you from my experiences what doesn’t work.


Obama has wanted his health care system to fail from the beginning so that “single payer” government run health care would take its place. He told his toadies that was his goal before this mess started.

If you think that single payer is the answer, take a look at the Veterans Administration Hospitals. Anyone who has followed the news at all knows that they are a disgrace. The people who run them have very often been more interested in faking their reporting to increase their job performance ratings and salaries. People have died as a result, and yet, despite the very public scandals, the shoddy care and reporting continue.

If you think the system sucks now, wait until the Federal Government takes it over.


Ask me about the VA, I have only been in the system for 50 years…TRUST ME, You DO NOT want this!!!


That has its own pitfalls that are driven by market forces, which the naive socialists are trying to eliminate through their policies. You have more demand than supply available – but the price to the customer doesn’t directly increase as it should. In a free market, that higher price would trigger development of new supply, which would put downward pressure on the price of healthcare. You know the story. It’s supply and demand.

If you implemented a private system for the rich, which they have already if they travel over the border, you will encourage doctors to move to the private system because it pays more. Likely, they’ll be the best doctors since they’ll have to compete for customers. In the meantime, you would shrink the number of doctors available in the public system.

What would be interesting is if the government allows an actual free market to exist, could it beat the public system? Probably not. The public system will still cost substantially less to customers since it is subsidized by the politicians. But if a free market sucked away doctors who must compete in a free market, prices could drop low enough that average Canadians would rather pay a little for the high quality care that’s leaked out of the public system. This risk is one reason probably why you will never see your socialist leaders even think this idea.


I’m probably the only one here that thinks this but: How the heck does any company do anything with the government involved & lose money? Did they actually BELIEVE the government estimates & PLAN on the figures the government tossed out? I mean it’s just insane that these companies aren’t making money unless they totally relied on what the government told them. Sorry but no republican would have done that.


When you think of the increases of premiums these companies have been asking for as well as limiting services I find it difficult to believe they are in trouble.

However, I think many health providers are socking the cost of handling all these illegals and refugees on to everyone’s bill.


It’s not surprising at all. Socialism fails. You don’t even have to blame it on illegals or refugees. You can place it squarely on market forces. No one can escape them no matter how hard they may try. There is no such thing as a free lunch.


I considered this and I don’t believe it would drastically decrease the quality of care. At least at the GP level. If it were all dollars and cents, we would lose our best doctors to the U.S anyways right? So, the only real danger is in seeing doctors avoid rural areas, a problem we have already to some degree. Further to what you suggest about supply/demand, once too many doctors operate privately, the supply of doctors will drive the prices of the private practices down, the public won’t move much as it is controlled.

Canada employs regulations and “bridges” in our society. It’s meant to control the society and it has an effect on stifling potential, alternatives, opportunity and freedoms. Our healthcare system is no different than most things in our society. From banks to small business barriers.


How about a “No Tier” system?
Maybe just a situation where those who need medical treatment simply contact those who are capable of providing medical treatment and arrange to go see them?

It could be like food, hungry people seek out stores that sell food and buy some. Competition between suppliers keeps the costs low and every Market preference gets served.

Maybe (and I am just spit balling here) it is a bad idea to have the most inefficient and unaccountable entities ever created by humans (governments) be placed in a position of controlling how the medical needs of the people are met.

Maybe the important stuff should be left to the Market so fewer people die in bankruptcy?

If people needed health care as often as they need food in order to survive, the nations with socialized medicine would be only giant cemetery’s in a years time


Well just got the run around (turned down) for a internal referral to see a spine specialist. I have a spine that upper and lower back are problems, documented from my active duty days and a career of hauling a Army rucksack with a Infantry load of well over 100 lbs for most of my adult life.

And the reason is: “he has been prescribed Tramadol (a controlled opioid) for pain I see no reason to make a referral.” HEY FOLKS, KEEP your DOPE just fix my back!

Fixing the system…a start:

If you see a Doc, you pay a co-pay, everyone pays the same: $10 per visit. No copay and the system becomes abused with people who have nothing else to do today and their finger has a hangnail might as well go to the docs office, its FREE! To poor to pay $10 bucks, then you can go to the free clinic. If you that poor then you clearly don’t work so go down there and wait times are usually 8 hrs or less…oh you are worried you will die before your get seen, good then welcome to the VA club, our parking lots are full of dead folks.

Everyone who works pays starting with your first pay check in life…oh you do that now, yea only its gonna cost more. 1% of your gross annual pay plus 1% of gross annual pay as your deductible and your co pay of $10 bucks and since the program called USAcare is based upon a % of your gross annual pay.
Catastrophic clause: NO ONE should ever have to go broke (bankruptcy, loss of home etc) due to medical expenses.

USAcare if for citizens only and if you are over here working and a non citizen, sorry Acukmed you still pay!

Medical lawsuit reform: Loser pays and an end to multi million $$$$ lawsuits that cannot be justified.

One system for all! Congress folks have the same medical coverage as Joe Doakes, the only exception is military personnel with service connected injuries.

Example: Joe works and make $100,000 per year. He a monthly fee withheld of 1% of his pay per family member. He has a wife and 2 kids

$100,000 - 4% = $4000 annually + the mandatory deductible of 1% per family member = $4000 or a total for a family of 4 per year of $8000 bucks. But what if you do not have any medical expenses during the year, then you qualify for a lower rate. Your annual deductible ($4000 in this case) gets reduced by the amount the $4000 would earn in interest. Go long enough with out any claims and you will have enough built up in your account that the interest earned equals thee $4000 annual deductible. The Base rate of 1% per person, never goes away as long as you are working.

Works like an insurance policy. At some point your account earns enough to make the deductible (only) payments.