Another pervert turns up in Adam Schiff's orbit

Democrat media reporter caught trolling for little girls. :whistle:

Seems to me I recall hearing something about “birds of a feather…?”

I hate the thought of defending America’s most corrupt politician. But just because a politician is seen being friendly with a pervert doesn’t mean he knew the campaign donor was a pervert.

Are we really going to play that game?

This man needs no introduction…

Oh and let’s not forget kiddie porn guy with Ties to Russia…

And in case you think those were one offs, I could make a collage if you really want and include lots more questionable people.

Oh and before you show me pics of the Clinton’s and others with some of these same people, the point here is that the OP and PD’s comment “birds of a feather”…god, please spare me.

Everybody who IS somebody in NYC has always clamored for having their picture taken with Donald J. Trump, the billionaire celebrity. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, half of Hollywood elites–even Chuckie Schumer and Hillary Clinton!

I’d agree that there are some, like Mr. Sater who is obviously the one who is “seeking” the photo and is happy to have had the opportunity, but I don’t think that’s the case with Epstein.

That said, this post is nothing more than a “drive by” attempt to assassinate the character of a person via association and your comment is even worse.

That said, everyone does it, the sad thing is the fact that anyone here on RO would peddle this crap as serious evidence of anything

You forget that President Trump has ADMITTED that, before Epstein was banned from Mar a Lago, he once or twice, caught a ride with Epstein back to NYC from Florida. However, once Epstein was caught soliciting an underage prostitute AT the resort, President Trump PERSONALLY barred him from ever staying there again and, about that same time, bought his own 707.

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Trump looks like he is quite young in the Epstein photo. He said that he met the guy at his Florida resort in the 1990s and didn’t like him. The photo could well be from that time. Epstein was a rich guy who came to expensive resort and wanted a photo with the famous owner. End of story so far as that photo is concerned.

How hard do you think it would be for me to collect pics of Trump of people of questionable reputation that have given money or something else of value to Trump?

The point is the OP connecting Schiff and picture and a (donation?) as evidence of Schiff’s character.

I would LOVE for someone to get the goods on Adam Schiff for SOMETHING. People might not like this comparison, but it’s true.

Adam Schiff is the modern Joe McCarthy. He is out ruin anybody for his political gain, and he is a bare faced liar. Just looking at those rouged cheeks of his makes me want puke. The only time he would look good to me is if he is wearing an orange jumpsuit with “INMATE” stenciled on the shoulders.

Funny, I see the same thing in Jordan and Nunes.

Trump is a famous celebrity, and he was in the hospitality business. If a customer, especially one who is spending a lot of money at your hotel, wants a photo, what’s he supposed to do?

Having run a small business myself, I can tell you that you try to please the people the people who “pull the wagon” for your concern. If they have step way over the line, that’s one thing, but most people are not saints. And you don’t kick people to the curb unless you have a good reason. Otherwise, you probably won’t have a business for very long.

Aren’t politicians celebrities in a way. I mean think of all the people that want to take pics with certain, politicians, because they are politicians.

We can agree to disagree, Mr. Progressive. What your party is doing now is pathetic and disgusting. Your people are willing to rip this country apart for a political advantage in an election. You can’t discuss the issues because socialism is a hard sell, unless you are talking to brain washed millennials.

Jordan and Nunes are in a defense mode against and endless onslaught of lies and hearsay.


The sole purpose of the Adam Schiff shame is to put out negative vibes against Trump before the 2020 election. He knows he can probably get an impeachment vote because the robotic Democrats in Congress will vote for it with no evidence whatsoever. Schiff and every other Democrat with a brain knows it’s DOA when it goes to the Senate.

The real target of this is the “low information voter.” These are the people who don’t follow the news and mostly vote based on “feelings.” They know little about the issues. They are the people Jesse Waters interviews who don’t know the three branches of government and believe that the South may have won the Civil War.

The fake news features this political atrocity, called “an impeachment hearing,” as their lead story every night unless the state of California is burning down. The “low information voters” hear the noise, and the Democrats hope to gain from it.

That is the whole strategy, plain and simple.

While it would be disingenuous to deny that the negativity doesn’t serve democrats and that’s not a bonus, it would be pretty hypocritical of you to say that your party hasn’t historically engaged in the same behavior when it suited them.

If you want to condemn political grandstanding by Congress, I’ll stand right next to you in condemning it, but to pretend that this is something that is endemic only to Democrats or used almost exclusively by democrats is just evidence to me that you are incapable of being introspective with respect to the people/ party you support.

Be that as it may, there is in fact TONS of evidence that the President held back aid to Ukraine because he wanted Zelinsky to commit to investigations of the Biden’s.

Not a commitment to reducing corruption broadly, but investigations into his political opponents.

That is an undeniable fact given the testimony so far.

Do you see the irony of that statement?

You claim the Dems are biased, but then state that the impeachment trial in the Senate is DOA. If Senate Republicans were impartial, they wouldn’t make a decision before they have heard all the evidence.

Oh yes, we agree. What we disagree on is who those people are.

I find it ironic how you’d portray Dems as the only ones that make decisions based on feelings. Please, you’re killing me.

Fear is a feeling and that’s what Republicans traffic in.

Now, again, being honest, the Dems traffic in feeling too. This is why The vocal minority, those that are most passionate generally have the largest voice politically.

Like I said to RWNJ, there is no such thing as the “radical middle”.

A lame emotional catchphrase used only to dismiss news that you don’t like…

Does anyone believe that Trump would have made an issue of Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma if his father weren’t running in the election??

If yes, then give me one other substantial example of where Trump has made corruption in other nations part of his personal foreign policy.

As long you stand with what Adam Schiff is doing, everything you write is disingenuous and dishonest. When I said that this BS is for the purpose of setting tone for the 2020 election, that was the truth.

There was no Russian collusion; there is no impeachable offense now. You have kept up this garbage for three years with sole purpose of making impossible for Trump to do his job after he was elected. If Obama had been treated like this, you would have screamed bloody murder. “Elections have consequences.” That’s your line.

Your side lost in 2016. Live with it. You can try to win in 2020, but the time for this impeachment crap is over.

I’m on one side; you are on the other. Line up with Adam “Joe McCarty” Schiff. All you have is his lies and his hearsay evidence. Your side has no sense of fairness, decency or honesty. It’s all raw politics. Your Democrat Congress can’t do the people’s work. They are useless.

When you get the courage to discuss the merits of socialism, we can have another debate. As far as this crap is concerned, the lines are drawn. Your party has tried honest people’s patience for long enough.

I am done with you on this subject.

LOL…You’re hilarious

Opinion does not equal truth.

I think there was and there is evidence of it.

Are you trying to convince me or yourself?

Obama wasn’t treated to impeachment because there was NOTHING to impeach him for. Clinton was treated like this.

I don’t support Socialism, you’ll need to find someone else to debate.