Another Restaurant Beat Down

Reportedly in Baltimore Maryland. All Black McDonald’s. Two black women beat on a white woman while black manager, cameraman…CAMERAMAN!! and employees stand by. The only help is from an older white woman. The white victim is pummeled until she seizes at which point the cameraman loudly advises the black women to run because the police are on the way.

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There is another story about McDonalds where a guy was killed for breaking up a fight between two guys.

Dad who split up fight in McDonald’s shot dead -

What the HELL is going on at these MickeyD’s? They’re turning into this centuries’ equivalent of post offices with all these assaults and other shootings. They’re not even gun-free zones, so go figure.

I’m glad that our family thinks that Mickey D’s food is gross.

Many years ago McDonald’s decided to bend over for some Enviro_Nazi’s who wanted them to stop using those Styrofoam boxes for their hamburgers.

I have avoided them since.

Being diabetic, it’s not a good place for me to eat anyway.

This is from “Black and Right”;

[SIZE=“2”]Had two white girls brutally beaten a defenseless black woman into a seizure, we all know how eardrum-puncturing the outrage (complete with Jesse and Al condemnation) would be.


Where is the outrage from the so-called black leadership? The growing number of incidents like this in fast food restaurants (let alone anywhere) is giving the Stormfronts of the world more reasons to justify their hate of non-whites, and when you watch this video, how can you blame them?

So much for “post-racial America”.

Double Standard Of The Day
Posted on April 22, 2011 by Bob Parks


Let these Racist’s have McDonald’s, crappy food for despicable people.

This double standard will exist for as long as we allow it. I was tired of dirtbag Racist’s dumping on white people years ago when I learned how Affirmative Action would put stupid lazy people ahead of hard working intelligent people in colleges and university placement if the stupid lazy person had the “superior skin color”.

The day we stop tip toeing around this and calling the real Racist’s what they are they will have to defend themselves. I am tired of pretending that white people have something to apologize for when we have been the recipients of ALL the institutionalized Racism for longer than I have been alive.

As for myself, I owe nothing to anyone but God.

I see they found the two that beat this girl. Watch Holder get involved to stop any prosecution. The employees just stood there and even told these two thugs to get away while the girl appears to have a seizure. The chances are this young lady will have to take medication for the rest of her life because of this seizure.

Video Shows Woman Being Beaten At Baltimore Co. McDonald’s « Video Shows Woman Being Beaten At Baltimore Co. McDonald’s « CBS Baltimore

This story gets better and better now the victim is a transvestite.

Hateful Atrocity as Transvestite Beaten by Christian Fundamentalists. Oh, Wait … : The Other McCain

Of course that low life cameraman is saying anything to take the heat off himself for his inhuman behavior in taping it, putting it up on public sites, encouraging the savages to run for it when the cops are coming. ADditionally he said that the victim got up as soon as the police arrived. Oddly enough he has video for everything but his two claims AFTER he has gotten his ugly butt in trouble for his actions.

The Police are STILL identifying the victim as a white female.

But, just for fun, let’s say the victim IS a man in women’s clothing. Does that make the actions of these savage women any more righteous?? Where are you homosexual defenders?

Well Said, RET

He was trying to use the woman’s restroom and then started a fight with them. Not only is he a perverted drug addicted prostitute freak but he got his ass whipped by two women. Lesson here is don’t use the girls bathroom in McDonald’s unless your a girl.

I would have thought that if this had been a man he would have accounted for himself better. His strength should have given him an edge. I will have to wait and see if this truly was a man or a made up story by the guy who stood there and let two girls beat up on a white person.

It’s defiantly a fugly pervert who is trying to milk sympathy now. You are 22 and got your ass whipped by two teenage girls who called you out on your disgusting perversity you are trying to force on everyone.

OH lord. Before I knew it was a man, I was pissed off at that video. Now eh. I’m not sure I’m angry anymore. It’s amazing how things can change SO fast on account of gender. Whereas before I felt sympathy for “her,” now I’m like “Dude, you are a puss, and you got beat down by a WOMAN, AND you’re nasty.”
Should I feel guilt? As a human being, should I feel sympathy for the shim? Because honestly, I don’t. Honestly, if you can’t handle a couple of women… he should have just ran, as fast as her little legs could take him.

Yeah, that little fact does not change the Racist reporting of the event but it sure changes the side I am rooting for.

I would have preffered a guy stepped in and taught him a lesson but in a day where chivalry is all but dead I guess “any port in a storm” applies.

I want to give one of them a high five and say “YOU GO GURL!”

Those two girls shouldn’t have committed the violence. They should have gone to the managers and complained that there was a guy in the ladies bathroom if that’s the case.

The McDonald’s employees couldn’t physically intervene b/c they face the threat of lawsuits.


If he doesn’t intervene in a beat down what is the likley hood of him intervening with a pervert in the restroom.