Anti-fa questionaire!


As it is very likely that hackers read a lot of our RO posts, or are simply registered as PO Operatives but are _really_emphasized text__the bad guys, this is as good a place as any to get this survey into the hands of the loyal Anti-Fa terrorists.
You may return the survey to : US House of Reprehensibles, Congress, the Swamp.
And for those folks that are true Republicans, I have supplied my estimate of the returns.That way, when this paper is SUPRESSED, you will already have all the facts. Sort of Joseph Stalin style,hmmm?

1)Are you at present a student at a college or university, or a graduate of one? (SURVEY SAYS- 99% yes)
2)Did you vote for Bernie (or were you to young,stoned, or indifferent in the last Presidential Election? (SURVEY SAYS:90% on the Bernie,100% on the other two issues)
3)Do you c=have a job (inciting riots for pay or selling drugs does not count) (SURVEY SAYS -0%)
4)Do you lean towards or currently practice homosexuality? (SURVEY SAYS :Hah!)
5)Do you even know who Stalin ,Mao., Karl Marx or Harvey Milk is? (SURVEY SAYS: =Who cares? Anarchy is not the same as communism and has more political affiliation to Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols than Stalinism)
6)Do you parents earn over 100K per year? (SURVEY SAYS: 99%)
I don’t know, but that should be enough info to give even the Dems a picture of WHO makes up the Anti-Fa.
And I will remind readers that it is against the law in Virginia to wear a mask in public in order to commit a crime.

The Senator


Hmmm…Three days with no replies must mean the ANTI-FA have hacked the site and ABSCONDED with all the HILLARIOUS RIGHT WING JESTS,PUNDIT POO-PAH AND CONSERVATIVE CHUCKLES in an attempt to discredit the WITTY,HANDSOME ,HIGH-TONED SENATOR FROM THE SOUTH!

WAIT TILL Donaldhears about this! SOMEBODY better Duck! (This pun brought to you by the letters “G,O &P and the number 45”)


Inciting riots and professional protestors dont count?? ha