Anti-Government Protests Spread to Spain & Athens:


Having nothing to do with the Anti-American Pro-Muslim riots last week, more riots are popping up around the world demanding government leniency as the socialistic society of Europe crumbles! Citizens in Athens and Madrid want the government to take responsibility for its actions. Are they right to demand it?

Madrid Marchers Demand Government
Anti-cuts riots grip Spain as Europeans fight back against austerity - IV Drip - Voices - The Independent


The socialistic society of Europe? Greece is a capitalist country. So is Spain. So what you meant was: “the poorly managed, complete crap capitalist societies of Europe crumbles!” (I’m not advocating for socialism, I’m just not advocating for their crappy capitalism either.)

Then you go on to ask whether the citizens are right to demand the govt to take responsibility for its actions. I didn’t even realize that this was up for debate. Of course the govt should take responsibility for its actions.


Bulls if you think the European society is capitalist there is no more point in talking to you. And you wonder why people put you on ignore :banghead:


Coming to a city near you if we don’t stop the spending.


Greece is crumbling cause of the entitlements… and government mandates that fiddle with the market…


they need to quit asking for handouts and just whip their own asses in shape… by going to work


That’s hard to do when jobs are so hard to find.


I would say, coming if the Ryan austerity plan decimates our economy like in Europe.

No country has EVER cut their way to growth.

Balance the budget in good times, not depression.


Well unlike you, I use the Internet to look up their economic systems instead of just guessing. I don’t wonder why people put me on ignore. It’s because I say things they don’t agree with. Not saying it’s always right. But I always speak my opinion


What country has ever TRIED? On the other hand we have the Weimar Republic following your course.
Besides…I thought your guy says he ended the recession? Then it’s time to cut…meaningfully…but gradually to a balanced budget.


I studied in Salamanca and it seemed to me that they were having strikes and protests monthly. It was really kind of cultural. They would do it in the midafternoon during “siesta” so no one was really inconvenienced.

Siesta, btw, is a nice concept.


I agree…but the Chinese don’t take them! :smiley:


I’m in Madrid right now. As you say, strikes and protests are a way of life.


BBC News - Spanish miners fire rockets in clashes with police
Spain debt crisis: Coal miners attack police with homemade rockets and slingshots | Mail Online
Video: Striking Spanish miners fire homemade rockets at police - Telegraph,mod%3D14&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=kHhnUOKAH4qx0AWZvYFY&biw

Shocking pictures of a policeman on fire after a petrol bomb was thrown at him in Greece - Telegraph
Police officer hit by Molotov Cocktail. Greek riots. - Imgur

I think we’re getting very close to a full-blown EU “civil war”.


Europeans can protest all they want, but the idea of the social democracy is dead. (As far as the US is concerned, it is only a matter of our willingness to not emulate any further those social welfare state policies which have produced a two decade stagnant Euro economy along with an unsupportable state bureaucracy.) If the European states do not address the matter, the markets will do it for them.

The only reason that the US is not in similar straits is that the world markets operate on the US dollar. The US problem is, in many ways, far simpler and it may be summed up in one phrase; out of control health care costs, including insurance costs. Europe has a much deeper level of social welfare, with its lists of “free” government benefits much longer. Europe has also struggled with an economy limited and constrained by those built in costs, resulting in decades of stagnation itself the product of a poor business climate. New businesses do not form in Europe, existing businesses look to government favor and subsidy to survive, and the European worker is primarily noted for the sheer number of days he or she does not, in fact, work. Europe has a structural unemployment rate that would have anyone marching in the streets. Americans do not march in the streets largely because they’re due at work when one might be scheduled. And nobody works more than Americans do.

While the US can go most of the way to reviving its economy and resolving its debt problem simply by reforming and replacing Medicare and Medicaid, coupled with modest changes to Social Security, and then rely on its dynamic economy to pay down debt, Europe cannot, without far more drastic reforms. Of course, the problem with all fiscal reforms is making the bargain for short term pain for long term gain.

While the European situation is hardly envious, it will not do for American’s to be amused nor complacent; we are not all that much different, though for different reasons, we can and will end up in the same fiscal doghouse, and we’ve one major political party dedicated to nothing so much as European social democracy.


Cool. At first it is a little…disconcerting, but then you realize it is kind of harmless. I was there in 2002-2003 so I don’t know if the mood changed since then.


You were here when the “good times” were just beginning. Spaniards got very cocky and thought their “economic miracle” would never end. They increased wages, paid vacations, pensions, pretty much everything, thinking the bill would never arrive.

Now that it has, they don’t seem to be to accept it.


That’s the part they share with Americans.


Why do you think it is that Norway, Sweden, etc. are thriving while these other countries are failing? I mean those Northern European countries have a huge govt and handouts.


I think I’ve figured it out! I know why Bulls says that Norway and Sweden are thriving when in fact they are broke. He says they are thriving because there is no one begging for help there. There are no wars. There are no people left to “fend for themselves.” That doesn’t mean they are thriving. It just means that they have a culture that depends on others. It appears stable, until the economies of nations like Japan, Turkey, and even Mexico are predicted to overshadow the entire European continent in fifty years. Outside forces like islamic terrorism are more prominent in Europe they just don’t consider it terrorism as in Bush’s definition of terrorism. They are avoiding the problem and keeping it to themselves. Remember Olso Bombings?

Did you know we give them money??

That’s why America is more powerful than Norway and Sweden. Whoever gives the money is more powerful than the receivers.

If you like Europe so much why don’t you move there?