Here is the ‘official’ view of AntiFa. You’ll find it expressed by the Mainstream Media, leftwing teachers and academics (and those who repeat what these people tell them), Joe Biden and probably most Democrat politicians:
“Antifa is a measly made up boogeyman by the right wing noise machine … their actual presence and threat is completely overstated. only one death is attributed to them, a fifth as many as the right wing insurrection.” [Quoting @MisterBlue in another thread.]

First, a small correction: five people died at the Capitol Riot on 6 January: one policeman died of a stroke, hours after being hit by a fire extinguisher thrown by a rioter. Three other rioters died of natural causes. One rioter was shot and killed by a policeman. [And there have been two suicides which can be said to have been caused by the riot: one of a policeman, and one of a rioter.]

So we can attribute one death – which will probably fall into the manslaughter/2nd degree murder category – to the rioters, and one death – premeditated,cold-blooded first degree murder --to an AntiFa supporter. Note that the ranks of AntiFa in Portland laughed and cheered when they heard about the murder of a Trump supporter, and lefty academics wrote in praise of it. Nothing comparable can be found from our side.

However, it certainly is possible to over-state the importance of AntiFa: they are not the main axis of attack on our civilization.

Long ago, the Marxist movement divided into two: there were those who, following Marx, believed that it was not possible for socialists to take over the old state machinery and operate it as an instrument for the achievement of socialism. After 1917, this division became open and explicit: Communists vs Socialists (often called ‘Social Democrats’).

Both sides turned out to be right: nowhere has genuine, complete socialism been achieved by gradual reform. To get a state which has total control of all human activities, including the economy, you need a revolution (or the Red Army, as in Eastern Europe). The old state must be replaced.

On the other hand, boring from within, gradual, incremental changes, also works, so long as you’re not really aiming for total socialism. And given the abject failure of totally-socialist economies, few Leftists today aim for complete government ownership of the economy. Rather, they want what Hitler achieved: a market economy, more or less, but one in which the companies in it are totally subservient to the aims of the socialists. Hiring and firing, buying and selling, not according to market criteria, but according to dictates from their political masters. The masters don’t try to dictate all, or even most, economic decisions --we all know that doesn’t work – they just want the capitalists to enforce their political rule.

You may be an excellent coder, but if you express non-progressive views, Google will fire you. Your money may be good, but if your website hosts non-progressive views, you’re kicked off the server.

AntiFa can be seen as the ‘smash the state’ wing of the Left, although they’re really revoutionists- manqué, spoiled brats who have not a hope of gaining a mass following.

They are still dangerous, as we can see here:

The liberals, the reformists, in the old Russian Empire under the Czar, were not themselves terrorists, but they effectively supported the terrorists. (Who were not, by the way, Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks, when they are not in power, oppose individual terror.) The liberals saw the terrorists as clearing the way for the rule of the liberals. That didn’t end well.

In the US, the AntiFa phenomenon – and its ‘soft’ version on campus of ‘no platforming’, backed up by violence, against conservatives, is complicated by the race issue.

Anything done in the name of ‘racial justice’ (a meaningless term) is given liberal approval, or toleration, or at most a very mild, tame admonition, a ‘black cat in a basement at midnight’ sort of reproach.

If Andy Ngo is beaten senseless and sent to the hospital by AntiFa thugs, in progressive eyes, he’s a ‘provacateur’. (We’ve heard that sort of stuff before: liberals admonished Martin Luther not to go so fast – thus his ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’. And of course ‘She was asking for it’ used to be a standard response among some people if a woman was raped.)

Anyway, who knows what’s coming in America? The Democrats are moving much faster than I thought they would to dismantle the country’s institutions, or to hollow them out from within. We’ll probably see AntiFa or something similar grow, although they are unlikely to become a mass phenomenon.

In the meantime, patriots had better not waste any time organizing. It may be too late to get those AR15s and the accompanying accessories, but it’s worth trying. More important is to start forming community defense groups … just in case.

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Folks like you lead a rich fantasy life, clearing the streets of boogeymen. Should you really be more afraid of them, or green bananas?

Who looted the stores and set the fires last summer? Was it “the boogeymen.” or was it a bunch of lawless thugs? Who set up “Chop” in the middle of Seattle which turned into a disaster?

Do people who work hard to build a business have any rights?

Is that a concern in rural Kansas?

And how is that germane to the issue? This how you answer the test questions that are given to you in school. If so, how have you passed your courses?

People who are this violent and simple are the exact demographic the libs want on their side. Crazy, violent, deranged. People who are willing to kill for an ideology. Because they’re bored living in a basement playing video games waiting for mom to cook them dinner I wager.

AntiFa latest here: “A terrorist from Tallahassee has been arrested after he publically called for the kidnapping of Trump supporters. He even encouraged people to use firearms in taking down the patriots.

Baker issued a call to arms for “like-minded individuals” to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday. He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.”

Full story here:

His comrades speak up for him:

Just a sweet, caring fellow, it seems.

Oh, those democrats.