Somebody recently mentioned the terrorists Antifa

Here are two great videos, one from a former member, and another informative video:

Watched both those videos. What can I say? ANTIFA is the militant wing of the democrat party. While they cry and wet their pants over violence, they cheer on antifa and support them. Democrats are a strange group, sporting numerous inconsistencies and hypocritical ideologies. They decry violence… as long as it isn’t used against anyone they support.

Here’s a test: ask any democrat if they’re against guns. Of course they are! Guns are pure unadulterated evil! Guns shouldn’t exist.

Now ask if they’re for shooting republicans. Of course they are! Republicans are pure unadulterated evil! It’s okay for guns to exist as long as they’re being used against their opponents.

rules for thee and not for me is the democrat MOTTO

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Well, I’m convinced. PragerU is without a doubt the most accurate and honest source of information anywhere on the internet. Except for the Epoch Times, of course.

This took all of five seconds for me to find. I could go tit for tat on every PragerU clip, but the reason why it is completely unreliable is very simple. Here it is:

Never, not once has PragerU ever sourced a claim for their assertions. Never do they link to the reports or studies that they allege back up their assertions. And this is particularly prominent when PragerU tries to pontificate on something outside of the US, like Brexit.

Oh no my friend. these videos posted by trumpgirl taught me absolutely nothing. If you actually need or use these videos to find out what you need to know about antifa then you’re beyond redemption, probably mongoloid, and definitely democrat.


The best description I can find for antifa is that they are the Missionaria Protectiva of right wingers everywhere. A scary all powerful group of ninjas who are never seen but always talked about, never led but always witnessed by a friend of a friend who knows a guy who saw something. And always around to scare the bejesus out of people into voting Republican…

In other words, a fabrication based on the slimmest margins of reality used ostensibly to promote right wing ideals.

You forgot- it’s trump’s fault

I only blame Trump when I can’t find my keys.

For real; why do Democrats dismiss everything as a conspiracy theory?

“Prices aren’t going up at the pump that’s a right wing conspiracy” …. “We aren’t letting in illegal immigrants that’s a right wing conspiracy” … “Biden isn’t a moron that’s right wing conspiracy” … “we didn’t leave Afghanistan that’s a right wing conspiracy” “we aren’t teaching kids to be gay that’s right wing conspiracy” … “don’t believe that Covid isn’t going to kill everyone and everything that’s right wing conspiracy” … “Democrat leaders never ever take their masks off even to shower if you think they do … that’s right wing conspiracy” … fauci is in no way tied to monetizing the coof that’s right wing conspiracy”… stop telling kids about Santa that’s right wing conspiracy” … “ your Tupperware lids didn’t disappear that’s right wing conspiracy”

Okay. Anything they don’t teach you about in super-liberal Democrat-owned grade school is right wing conspiracy.

Okay schools don’t actually exist that’s right wing conspiracy.

I’m not actually composing this right now that’s a right wing conspiracy

Everyone of those things you have said except the last 3 or 4 which were sate I said have a degree of truth. I’m a democrat could you go take your meds please… I need to believe in a tomorrow worth living man.

Members, once again here we see the tactics used by fascists and by the extremist Left.

The subject of this thread is Antifa. The subject matter to be discussed is about Antifa as presented in the videos by a former Antifa member.

But we see the leftist and fascist tactic employed by this member Patooka, rather than address the topic or the subject matter he goes straight for the character assassination. He posts pitiful videos full of lies that do nothing but attack Prager University. Of course he has failed in his attack because these Prager U videos are quite obviously truthful when you watch them.

But notice that he cannot address the actual topic or the subject matter. He is either incapable of doing it due to ignorance, or he just cannot make a good argument because the Prager videos are correct. My guess is that it is a combination of the two

Sorry Pachuca, we are interested in substitute conversations, we are not interested in your fascist and Marxist character assassinations. It is time for you to grow up and learn how to discuss topics like an adult instead of being a flamethrower

Is today your day to be a Marxist too? Youre sort of a flip-flopper.

dude. I didn’t dislike your videos; and I actually watched them. (?) They were interesting but they didn’t give me any new information whatsoever. Any conservative in this country should have already known this stuff.

Is today your… damn. Is today just not your day Trumpgurl?

Look again

You should have said that to the lying troll

That’s a right wing conspiracy. Okay; because you’re a democrat I’ll make a concession and we can both take our meds together.

The only medicine I take is a 45 caliber aspirin and I’ve forgot to take it for 34 years straight. One of these days straight to the moon. I tell myself that so I can sleep at night.

Wouldn’t you prefer a nice shiny Prozac

I think my mom took that in the 80s. They still make that? is molly ringwald still a thing? I’d rather be a natural wreck… than a medicated wreck. The drugs don’t love me anymore. Listen you were logical before today, I think opening up like I did unhinged you. That or you got a thing for that Trumpgurl troll who is a 30 year old man in his underwear dreaming of your puckered little raisin.

The only factual post in this thread so far about Antifa:

Somebody recently mentioned the terrorists Antifa

Here are two great videos, one from a former member, and another informative video: