Name 3 leaders of antifa.

I can name one useful idiot of Antifa

You’ll probably like this (so did I):

Seriously, name 3 prominent antifa leaders. I mean, you have ctrl-c/ctrl-v a whole ton of clips of antifa doing bad stuff - clearly they are very organised and well co-ordinated. So who is their leadership? Proud Boys, 3 percenters, Oathkeepers and Groypers all have prominent leaders in their movement and I can name them. EnriqueTarrio, Mike Vanderboegh. Stewart Rhodes and Nick Fuentes respectively. If antifa is as wide spread and organised as you claim, then it needs effective leadership. And yet it appears the leaders of antifa live rent free in your head and that’s it.

So I’ll stand by my assesment of antifa thank you kindly. They are an imaginary boogey man used to scare people into voting in a certain way. Unless of course every time a window is smashed it’s automatically antifa. Is that what you are advocating?

Besides, we all know who the leader of antifa is. Emmanuel Goldstein.

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I’ve never met an illegal immigrant. They don’t exist! It’s a right wing conspiracy

Oh no, they’re real. Antifa just doesn’t want you to know about them.

Sky News Australia

Antifa is the world’s most ‘fascist Orwellian organisation

@Patooka that’s too good haha, I’m stealing that line

TrumpGurl, why don’t you answer? It’s an on topic question afterall. It seems you prefer to assassinate his character instead. I believe you said that makes you a fascist and/or marxist.

There are nineteen videos of or about Antifa in this thread full of information to discuss. This is not Jay Leno walking through the crowd asking how many SCOTUS judges you can name. If you want to play juvenile ignorant games (which is about all you two are good for) then do it somewhere else. This is a discussion about Antifa, not a college quiz on how many names I can name.

BTW: The fact that you even ask that question proves that you have no clue about Antifa or its structure.


". . . I wasn’t ‘a card-carrying Antifascist.’ There is no such thing as official Antifa membership. But I was ready at a moment’s notice to slip on the black mask and march in what Antifa calls “the black bloc”—a cadre of other black-clad Antifa members—to taunt police and destroy property.

"Antifa stands for “Antifascist,” but that’s purposefully deceptive. For one thing, the very name is calibrated so that anyone who dares to criticize the group or its tactics can be labeled “fascist.” This allows Antifa to justify violence against all who dare stand up to or speak out against them.

"A few groups boldly declare themselves Antifa like “Rose City Antifa” in Portland. But most don’t, preferring to avoid the negative publicity. That’s part of Antifa’s appeal—and strength. It’s hard to pin down. There’s no identifiable leader

Gabriel Nadales, Student Rights Advocate for the Leadership Institute and author of “Behind the Black Mask: My time as an Antifa Activist

I’ll listen to him before I listen to two leftist extremists

Antifa kind of reminds me of the MTV show Jack*** ya know in the earlier days they’d crap off a bridge, or pay midgets to fight. Just total chaos, some of the earlier stunts were done under the guise of Indecline, they would do gurrellia political art. I think Antifa are really window installation specialists driving up demand.

Sky News Australia

Antifa is the world’s most ‘fascist Orwellian organisation

Antifa assaults woman


Yah, real funny stuff, especially for sick people with a mental disease.

Yeah so you find it extra funny eh? I mean J6 was a hoot but not one person condemned it here .It’s all political prisoners boo hoo. Ashley Babbit was a sad tale she was looking at chapter 7 had been sold into multi level marketing she needed something to believe in sad she believed in Trump. People who believe in him end up dead disgraced or jail ask any of his lawyers. Jeffrey Weinhaus is a true political prisoner 1000 people asked Govenor Parosns in Missouri to Pardon him he’s so unheard of you can’t find him in any media outlet except citizens journals. Shot four times (twice in the head) and survived by the police for uncovering corruption outside of St Louis Missouri.