Antonin Scalia cause of death


I spent the weekend feeling there was not enough information about something as significant as the unexpected passing of a senior Supreme Court Justice.

What concerned me was that new of his passing was consistent in a number of things: very little text was related to the details of his passing, he was reported by the host of the event he attended to seem normal the evening before, he was found in his room the next morning, and the statement that there was immediate signs of foul play. But that’s it.

Searching around this morning I found some more details, and I thought I’d like to see a thread just for gathering any further details about the passing of Antonin Scalia.

Cibolo Creek Ranch owner recalls Scalia

Conspiracy Theories Surround Justice Scalia’s Death - Breitbart

Additional details:
The proclamation that Antonin Scalia died of natural causes was made over phone, not by autopsy.
This was based on the sheriff reporting no signs of foul play
This was also based on phone reports from Scalia’s doctor that he had a number of medical conditions
Scalia was found with a pillow over his head
A report that he died of myocardial infarction meant his heart had stopped beating, not that it was determined he had a heart attack
His family requested that no autopsy be performed
He was at the event with his son, but he left early for unspecified reasons
His remains were cold when found.
He had declined a US Marshal Service escort.


Barely an update, but the

New Details in Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Death - South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Judge Cinderela Guevara said Scalia’s family doctor told her he had a history of heart trouble and high blood pressure.

Or more detailed:

Scalia’s body being flown back; he died of natural causes - Business Insider


I read somewhere that the family refused an autopsy. I don’t know about Texas, but in PA, an autopsy is required in case of an unattended death.


How Scalia died does not matter. What matters is that he is dead. No amount of autopsies is going to change that.

Move forward.


Twice I have turned down autopsies but in both cases they were in the hospital at the time.


I found this out a few years ago. There was a retired minister who attended our church. However, at the time, he was filling in at another church that was between pastors. One Sunday morning, he just didn’t show up. So they investigated, and found him dead in his bed. The autopsy was mentioned, and I guess someone wondered why they would do an autopsy, unless they suspected foul play. Some one else said that an autopsy was required in the case of an unattended death. If they were in the hospital, I guess they would be “officially” attended, even if no one was with them at the moment of death. Anyway, this is PA. To me, such a law makes sense.


It matters if Scalia was assassinated. Maybe it was natural causes, but what if they found microfiber in his mouth or determined time of death, checked hallway security video and it shows someone enter at that time frame.

This doesn’t have much less gravity than a presidential assassination. And the data to rule it out isn’t as strong as the gravity of the situation demands.


I hope my post didn’t come across as glib, or a shrug of the shoulders. Justice Scalia’s passing is devastating, to say the least.

I’m beginning to have a change of heart from what I initially took as the usual suspects who just have to find a conspiracy behind everything.
To explain: Red flags went up when people were claiming there was a pillow found over his face. How do they know that when so little else is known?

There are an awful lot of unanswered questions, and I now agree that a person of Justice Scalia’s magnitude ought to prompt an automatic autopsy if, for nothing else, to rule out foul play.
I’m curious as to why the family requested no autopsy. Are they Jewish, by any chance? (As I understand it, people who practice the Jewish faith view autopsies as a desecration. Correct me, please, if I’m wrong on either account.)

The first report was that he died of a crushed larynx. I’m no medical expert, but something tells me that that can’t happen w/o some…um…help. (For lack of a better word at the moment.)

Along w/you, my husband helped change my mind, too. “IF he was murdered, do you want the assassin to get away with it?”


Now this post is evidence that reasonable persons CAN change their mind as new insights are learned, and can so state with a logical explanation!

I submit that if the attitude shown in this post were more common, there would be a lot more civility amongst the participants.

'Course this board is VERY civil compared to some others, but always room for improvement.:banana:


Why, thank you, Freedomnut! Coming from you, that is quite the compliment as I’ve never noticed you to be less than civil, yourself.

[As an aside, but more to your point; It was a strong desire of mine to discuss the pro’s and con’s of Cruz vs. Trump. They both have them. Sadly, an impossible venture. You, I think, would be willing.]

You’re a good fellow, Freedomnut. :banana:


Scalia was a devout Catholic and there isn’t anything in the Catholic faith that precludes an autopsy as far as I know. Maybe CT can enlighten us.


Thanks. I didn’t know Justice Scalia’s religion.
As having been raised a Catholic, there is nothing I know of that would preempt them from allowing an autopsy. It would simply delay the funeral services.


For what it’s worth:

Antonin Scalia’s Son Just Revealed What He REALLY Thinks Caused His Father’s Death

Synopsis: Scalia’s oldest son went on Laura Ingram’s show and said the family has no doubt that Scalia’s death was of natural causes.


I see no reason to question the story, I hate to think that one of the few honorable men in our corrupt and wholly decadent Judicial system will have his memory attached to a conspiracy theory; it was Scalia’s time even though we needed him for quite a bit longer.


That title makes it sound so much more sinister than it actually is.

“What Justice Scalia’s son REALLY thinks:” “He died of natural causes.”


Thanks. I wish I had as much confidence as he, but it seems best to respect their wishes, allow a great man to rest in peace, and the family their privacy.


That’s why I had a change of heart about the autopsy; so there wouldn’t be any conspiracy theories attached to his name.

We were lucky and blessed to have had him. I’m willing to let it go at that.


My position in regards to the gravity due to the position held by Anton Scalia and the circumstances remains unchanged, that an autopsy was warranted. But on a personal level I can respect the position Eugene Scalia is taking.

Western Journalism can be a little sensationalist with their headlines but are generally a conservative news data source. I provided that link because I had come across it first, I think from Drudge, but I’ve seen other articles reporting on Eugene Scalia’s interview with Laura Ingram that made references to Eugene calling conspiracy theories hurtful.

Here’s the full question and response directly from the original source:

Scalia’s Son Rejects Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Father’s Death - Shut Up & Blog

Ingraham: I have to ask you about all the conspiracy theories out there. There was the ranch guy said, this, they found your dad this way. Again, as a son, you hear all of this, obviously there’s stuff you aren’t going to tell us, but is there any truth to any of these conspiracy theories? (4:00)

Scalia: I haven’t even tried to follow it all. But, what I would say is, as you said earlier, my father was like a force of nature. He seemed sort of a permanent institution. But, he would have been the first to tell you - the first - that, we’re from dust, we return to dust, your life could be taken from you at any instant. He was a month shy of 80 years old. He lived to see an incredibly full and active life, but I knew, and he knew, that he was at a place in life where he could be taken from this world at any time and that’s what happened last week. Our family just has no doubt he died of natural causes. And, we accept that. We’re praying for him, we ask others to accept that and pray for him. And, we also appreciate all those who are honoring his legacy as a justice and, as you’re doing a bit, as a father. You mentioned, honestly, it’s, I think, a distraction from a great man and his legacy at a time when there’s so much to be said about that and to help people even more fully appreciate that. And, on a personal level, I think it’s a bit of a hurtful distraction for a family that’s mourning. And, that’s all I want to say about that topic.


I have refrained from saying something that hit my heart regarding Justice Scalia’s death - for more reasons than one, but I’m just gonna go ahead and say it.

I think Someone Up Above was giving us voters a nudge. That’s why He took Scalia when He did.
Had it been Justice Ginsberg - or perhaps another - we wouldn’t have taken it so hard, nor focused so much on the ramifications of such an event.

I hope what I’ve said isn’t taken all out of proportion. It was just ‘there’, staring me straight in the eye, and I couldn’t ignore it.


You could well be right. I mentioned a possibility along a similar line, except that it was for his sake, not ours.