Any chance we can agree on this video?


Just watch it, you might be surprised and even more surprised to know I agree 100% (and you will too, most of it anyway).


Sorry; I’m a dial-up cripple, and I don’t feel up to the hassle of doing videos thusly.


. . . “Dumb as dogsh*** indoctrinated greenie dick-h*** . . .”

This was a rily rily kewl find . . . my compliments.

One of the few times I watched the whole video when it was so long. It’s worth it.

This guy rocks.


I told you you’d (mostly) agree. And I think he’s spot on.

You should watch his other stuff, it’s pretty funny. And if you like that, and you work with your hands I promise this is another guy you will love.

This guy does teardowns on tools and looks at the components. He’s really funny and his stuff is super informitive.


Dial up? WTF? You can still do that???..Yikes.

J/K :slight_smile:

The web isn’t a kind place these days for dial-up. Too bad though, I think you might have enjoyed it. BJ did…lol


Not only can we do it, it’s the only internet we can get, or at least afford. The only other option (way out of our price range) is satellite. We’d be tickled pink for DSL or even a higher speed form of dial-up.


Is a cellular modem an option? If you get 4G you could potentially get 1mb download speeds (that’s 1024kbps vs the 53kbps ish you’re getting now). Actually, celular can do up to 10mbps, but higher speeds are pretty rare.


FC can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they are way way out in the boonies, and 4G (or ANY cellular reception for that matter) is unlikely.


Ahhhh…just a thought


I would swoon for joy for one meg per second, but (see below):

People can get cell phones to work out here, but it’s very spotty; thus, we never bothered to investigate cell service.



I’m surrounded by technology, I’m not sure what I’d do without fast internet (I get 180,000kbps or 180mbps).

There are ways to test the cell signal at your house, though you’d need someone with a smartphone. Remember that the “bars” on a phone are not accurate at all when determining your signal.

The app looks like this and can be downloaded for free. You just have to download a separate app for each carrier.

Obviously, you want to be in the yellow or better :slight_smile:


Nothing is as bothersome as a frequently interrupted Internet connection . . . which I see as what you’re saying. I mean, you could be in the middle of putting up a post, and “BAM” (as John Madden would say), you’re disconnected and lost it. You have to start all over (even if you composed the thing in a text editor, you have to post all over again).

It’s like the difference between being stabbed fatally or shot fatally. “Hmmm . . . sbould I go dial-up with no interruption or cell with interruption?”


Bob, did you watch the other YouTube Channel I posted for you? Curious what you thought if you did.


Most HTML pages are designed not to drop as you are editing a post. What can happen is that you try to post and the page freezes and you lose your content, though I have to say, whoever chose this forum software did a great job. It saves your content if you lose connection, but Cell can definitely be finicky depending on the signal which can vary by traffic, weather and other factors.


Haven’t gotten to it yet . . . I’m composing a reply to your Thomas Jefferson/DOI/Creator remarks. Been working on it for over a week now, and want to get 'er done and posted and off my plate.


Look’in forward to it!

Definitely check it out when you have time and let me know what you think!

  1. I am unfamiliar with cellular modems but most are probably equipped for connection to an external antennae. A discone antennae will cover 25-3000MHZ which includes all the bands for 2G, 3G and 4G.

  2. Instead of watching a youtube video have you tried just downloading it and watching it later? It might take hours to download but you could do it overnight.


Actually, My cellular modem doesn’t have an antenna, but if you live in an area with spotty service, getting one that can plug into an external antenna would be a good idea.

This is mine:

Having said that, this one is portable and fits in your pocket and can host several devices at the same time. I’m sure they make “at home” versions as well that are more powerful, but to be honest, I live in the land of DSL and broadband, so Celluarl modems here are just for convenience/ work…


Downloading takes forever, too - just about as much as watching it online would.


I think what he’s saying is you can download while you’re away or asleep and watch later…