Any chance we can agree on this video?


We also have time constraints on the amount of time we can be on, and our connections aren’t the most reliable, either.


Sorry to hear that. That makes satellite your only real option, though I hear that there is a plan to use commercial airlines as a relay network.


Cell reception isn’t here just a matter of bars of signal strength; you literally have to find the right spot (outside, if I understand correctly) to get a signal.

Edit: Contrary to what I’m seeing on this post, it wasn’t intended as a response to Old Dog (Mom answered about our internet time limitations).


The amount of money I save because I have a stable, broadband internet connection dwarfs the cost of that connection.

In fact the savings in gasoline alone due to shopping online and getting home delivery makes my internet more than free.

I guess it just depends on how you want to use this tool, but I use it for everything from appliance repair and auto repair to stock market trends and basic home shopping.

I replaced the roof on my house last year and fully insulated the attic while it was off, I used the techniques that the manufacturers of the supplies I purchased have posted on YouTube; the savings from that one project would buy 20 years of broadband service.

When the fridge or washer breaks, the web will provide a troubleshooting technique and a link to purchase the needed parts complete with basic instructions on how to install them; all for fraction of what an appliance repair service would charge to come out and do it.