Any of you guys play video games?

It seems as though all republicans have left the building. I’m not going to talk politics anymore because I’ll get piled on by the people who don’t believe gender is real.

So any of you play PC games? Any recommendations?
I’m playing metro2033 right now; WAY after it was released. But, now I can crank the graphics to maximum and I must say it’s pretty impressive.

On that note; I bought Crysis like 15 years after it was released and I still can’t play it on maximum graphics settings. :expressionless: that game is a total beast

I’m playing MechWarrior V: Mercenaries.

It’s a PC game, but I’m currently playing it on a PS5. Kind of regret it, the controller does not have nearly enough buttons.

The game is great because it takes what Mercenaries IV only hinted at; you’re a gun for hire who can go anywhere in the Inner Sphere; and that’s actually realized in this version. You’re not on rails, you can go anywhere, fight for any side. So House Kurita just lists me as “avowed enemy”… but they do still hire me.

I actually put off the main story for what is in-game 18 years (and no one noticed; just like they also don’t notice “these people require urgent aid!”, I plot the course, and it takes me 120 days to get there.)

Voice acting and story were not high priorities; it’s hit and miss. The Ship XO (Welsh? Scottish? Can’t quite place her accent) is decent, which is good, because it’s her you hear from the most, and I enjoy when the company mechanic pipes in. “oy, stop losing limbs you bloody wanker!

I can’t Fahad, I’m piloting a light mech among assault mechs. Glancing blows take away half my armor.

The combat is rock solid. The feeling, the sound of piloting lumbering walking tanks, circle-strafing, and death-from-above tactics are all well and maintained here. I pilot a light mech just because I like being fast, and using flamethrowers to melt legs from under other mechs. Other times I’ll take a Warhammer (one of The Unseen that the FASA Corporation used to get sued over is IN THIS GAME!) and just blast them properly.

The faction map evolves, you watch new factions jump in, others lose or gain territory. New mech designs show up when they’re supposed to. Mech Designs have iterations, so a mech that was a laserboat you thought would be better if could carry more autocannons / missiles, is an option now.


You only get 1 lance per mission – four mechs. Mechwarrior IV you could get two lances (8 mechs). Feels like a downgrade there. (But you can change which mech you’re piloting among those 4 at any time during a mission, which is a plus.)

The faction map is not dynamic; you as the player don’t effect where borders are. Which makes sense; battles in the lore involved 1,000s of mechs, it would be a very odd sight if you could throw battles in different directions with just the 4 of you. But it would be so cool…

I’m also disappointed I can’t get a Bushwhacker, or Clan Tech; but that’s also because lore; it’s just too early in the story.

The mission variety gets a bit stale after a while; there’s certain kinds you’ll learn to avoid just because they involve more damage, and more time. Meaning I’m doing defense and warzone or variants of them ad nauseum.

There’s no Arena fighting, very little truly novel that helps to break up that monotony. There’s push missions after I got the DLC, and Beach Head, which was fun the first few times…

Meh. It’s fun overall. Hope we get the Clan invasions at some point. In the meantime, I swear I’ll finish the main story before I hit the 20 year mark. B)

Never heard of this game. Just watched a little demo on youtube. I’ll give it a shot I think. How on earth did you procure a ps5?

By crazy happenstance.

My sister accidentally ordered 2, and instead of returning either, gave me one of them.

I am an old foggy who way behind the times. I like card games like hearts, spades, canasta, bridge and gin rummy. I have not played the other “action games” since Ms. Pac-Man. I also Rummy Cube and backgammon.

Hoyle made some good game packages, but after Microsoft updated Windows 7, some of them would not play. They are all dead now that I am on Windows 10. The Microsoft games suck because they are loaded with pop-up ads unless you pay them every week. They want to get you hooked on Vegas slot machine crap.

MechWarrior V:

But it’s orgins is as a table top, figurine game. “BattleTech” has been around since the 1980s.

The story of BattleTech is very much Eastern European history in space. Complete with succession wars, principalities, and horde invasions.

I also once had a friend who maintained a fleet of Tesla II simulators you could play MechWarrior IV in:

They had CRT monitors, physical switches and joysticks. Almost like something you’d see out of Alien rather than “the future” as we might actually imagine it.

AS, you have to know about Tex Talks Battletech? Right.

My introduction into the franchise was in the late 90’s while I was studying Industrial Chemistry at The University of New South Wales (I was in my late teens). It wasn’t the video game Mechwarrior 2

It was Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries.

That one mission after you have played as a gladiator on Solaris VII? Where you meet the clans for the first time? And you know your Atlas just isn’t going to cut it?

I became hooked after that game. As a franchise Battletech is awesome (pun intended).

I have.

Ughh, Awesomes are typically the ones trashing me right now… I can’t outrun those pulse lasers. BP

Mechcommander II is my earliest entry into the franchise. I only saw ads for the games before that.

MC II left such a huge impression that I was honestly disappointed when 2018’s BattleTech turned out to be turn-based. Which, yes, that’s more faithful to the table top, but RTS feels more engaging, since time is an element of strategy. Also, MC II was better at customization.

You said Awesome and pulse lasers in the same sentence. I don’t know what to tell you.




I guess you are going to explain to me why an Urbanmech is such a bad mech now.

You shouldn’t have that attitude, mate. It’s okay.

Thank you for making me show my age though. I honestly can feel the internet arguments I had back in the day. Especially about Jihad.

Well, they have them, and the AI knows how to train them now, even when I’m running circles around it at +150 kph. It’s insane. You could not have done this in MW4.

I typically lose a leg after the 3rd one, and drop to about 114 kph.

K9, the hero version of the Urbanmech? It literally has a sticky note on the dash saying “Slow --> less slow”.

I never want to pilot it, but I always have to plan around it when they show up because of those autocannons.

Urbanmech was solid in MC II. It’s hard head made it useful salvage that I could use as a damage tank , even if I had shot its arm off before, while my other mechs laid down fire on whatever they’re fighting.

My comfort games i always go back to are Fallout/Skyrim, but lately I started a new playthrough of Stardew Valley with my wife. When I get some time next, I’m most looking forward to playing Lost Judgement, a spin off of the Yakuza series.

More recent action games I loved were Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (2018).

I went through long phases of online games starting back with Halo 3 and more recently Overwatch and Rocket League.

I’m also a fan of that weeb s***. Persona series, Xenoblade Chronicles (fantastic games!), Final Fantasy, Atelier series, etc.

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Dayz Gone. Hands down best open world zombie game. They used real actors to do the talking and cut scenes. It was a Sony exclusive for a while. If you haven’t play the Last of Us series (Ps3/ps4). I pity the fool. You can do it on playstation now on pc. Saints Row is an acquired taste its like GTA but with absurdist humor. Definitely recommend Mass Effect 2-4. One didn’t age well and the combat system will piss you off. Fallout 4 is amazing nothing short of amazing. The Metro series were good like you said.

I waited in line in the cold over 20 times.

Overwatch is legit but it feels like the paring system has been off at times

Persona for the PSX was amazing I played it for hours when I was in 5th grade.

Fortnite is my guilty pleasure.
I have 2.5 TB of Retro Roms from NeoGeo/Mega Drive era To Game Cube.

I own an actual physical PCFX from Japan. I’m writing a program to run in the physical ram to translate in real time, I have to inject the code into the bootloader of the game. The hard part is to get it persistent. I’ve been gaming since I was 3, on an Atari 2600, and since 4 on an NES.

Ever heard of a game called State of Decay 2?

Single player storyline or forced cooperative like left 4 dead?

It can be both. But mainly single player. It has a pretty good modding community as well

Ah yes, fallout and skyrim. I love them because there are always new mods you can try out. – on that note, I actually installed Elder Scrolls Oblivion a couple months ago, and then spent like 7 hours modding it! The result? Absolutely beautiful. I can’t even put into words.

So mechwarrior started out as a table top? I had no idea it had such a dedicated fanbase; look at those pod things man that’s serious. On that note, I love some of the warhammer 40k games and REALLY look forward to dark tide.

I love dayz gone. - when you think you’ve beaten the game and then it turns out you’ve only explored half the world? priceless. You’re not going to like hearing this, but my favorite game of all time is… drum roll left 4 dead 2. :laughing: On that note, I like back4blood; in fact I’ve been looking forward to that game since like 2008. It’s not as fun as I hoped. Left4dead never gets old somehow, and the character interactions are hilarious. back4 is gorgeous it just lacks the magic.

State of Decay part one; another one of my all time favorites. I bought part 2 but for some reason I never got into it. I should re-download it on steam and give it another try.

(Anyone else love Vermintide 2?)

You are missing out man. But I get it; different strokes for different folks. Everyone will instantly hate me for this; but, I don’t care about team sports. Like, I have zero interest in them. Football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball. I’d rather watch paint dry.

Knights of the Old Republic is getting a remake. Together with KOTOR II it’s the best long form take on Star Wars I’ve experienced.

Hope they spice up the speeder races though, those were pretty bare bones even for the era. The 1999 pod racing game shows pretty well how it could have been better.

I can add Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza 0, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and most especially, Earth Defense Force. It’s a bug war after my tokusatsu-loving heart.

After I’m done with Mechwarrior there’s a Gundam game waiting in my queue.

I also really hope FROMSoftware will hit pause on making more Dark Souls clones to get back to making Armored Core.

Anyone going to play that George Martin with from software game? Forget the name