Any one else serve aboard this fine ship/


I made two Med. Cruises and one Caribbean Cruse aboard this ship.
USS Oglethorpe AKA 100, Amphibious Kargo Attack, (Oggie boat)
uss oglethorpe aka 100 - Google Search


you in the staff picture? as shown on Ebay?


If it was between 1964 and 1966 I may have been. Ebay? Got a link?


Best I can do is Ebay Uss Oglethorpe AKA 100 crew roster 1963 to 1964. there are a series of rosters from various ships. the Oglethorpe roster is the Mediterranean cruise 1963 to 1964, scroll down they show a crew picture page.


No, I was either still on the USS Fremont or on TAD (temporary assigned duty) and in between ships at the time.