Any other non-religious conservatives here?

The conservative movement is a ‘broad church’. Not all conservatives are religious. If you are one of these non-religious conservatives, look here:

And you’ll find this site interesting as well:

I am not into religion, but I’m not an atheist either. I think that there is one of more higher beings that created life for whatever reasons. I don’t think that they have our lives on tape. I think that we have choices. Right now we are making a lot of bad ones collectively.

There also some real monsters like Putin and Xi. There are minor monsters who want to be big monsters like Kim in North Korea. Then there are senile puppets, like Biden. He was one of our bad choices.

Yes. I think that arguing about religion right now is, to use an overworked analogy, like arguing over what color the tablecloths should be on the Titanic.

And the idea that the universe, including you and me, is simply a bunch of little particles colliding and sticking or bouncing off each other, seems very improbable to me.

To those of us who believe, the eternity which is at stake is far more significant than a temporal nation.

Yes, this is exactly what the Left want. Let them take over, because after they’ve put you in front of firing squad, you’ll have 72 virgins to play with.

Then why is the left trying to SUPPRESS Christianity?

By the way, the 72 virgins is Islam, not Christianity.

The real hardcore Left hate and want to destory any alternative focus of alliegiance to the Party-State. In the old Soviet Union, you couldn’t even form a gardening club unless it was controlled by the Party.

But second best, is to have conservatives believe that actually, it’s not really important if the Left win, because we are just on this vale of tears for a brief time - a tiny blip in eternity - and that soon we’ll be in the bosom of Abraham. (Okay, no virigins. Men probably prefer experienced women anyway.)

And, when you think about it … if saving souls is the most important thing … then every hour you spend knocking on doors for a patriotic political candidate, or handing out leaflets, or sitting behind a table … every dollar you contribute to a patriotic cause … is one you could have contributed to saving souls.

I couldn’t think of a better way to sabotage the Right. Of course, in practice, the huge majority of patriotic Christians don’t follow this suicidal path. God bless them!

1 Give me a coherent answer as to why political outcomes matter if God doesn’t exist, when by secular terms, the whole universe is coming to naught. How can you save anything if it’s all going to die and be forgotten? That’s not to say that Christians shouldn’t be involved in the political process or speak out on political issues (that’s in part how Roe v Wade died). But it’s not the endgame.
2 Depends on a lot of circumstances. Most important of which is whether or not God calls someone to a particular activity (including political ones); who’s to say how many souls might be saved in the chain reaction? I can’t.
3 I happen to think that getting people to think that the political situation is all is a great way for Satan to distract people from salvation, or the work thereof. That has eternal consequences. The U.S. is just a blip on the radar of eternity; whether it dies next year, or lasts for another trillion.